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James Bond games pulled from Steam and Activision's own web store

Has Activision disavowed 007?

Activision-published James Bond games have been pulled from sale on Steam and Activision's own web store.

As spotted by, 007 Legends, developed by the now-closed Eurocom, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, developed by the now-closed Bizarre Creations and Quantum of Solace, developed by the still alive Black Ops studio Treyarch, are no longer listed on Steam.

A quick search on Activision's own web store shows they're not there either.

Activision secured the James Bond license in 2006 after striking a deal with MGM and EON. The deal, signed after previous license holder EA decided it wasn't interested any more, was to last until 2014. Has Activision cancelled its license to develop James Bond games after disappointing sales?

The last game, 2012's 007 Legends, was panned by critics and failed to make a mark on sales charts. Eurocom, the Derby-based developer behind the game and past James Bond games for Activision, ceased trading late last year.

"The James Bond franchise creates tremendous global expansion opportunities for Activision as it is one of the few video game licenses that appeals equally to domestic and international consumers," said then president and CEO of Activision Publishing Mike Griffith in 2006.

Eurogamer has asked Activision for clarification.