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GAME announces store lock-ins

18-store trial lets you play Dead Space 3 up to a month before release.

GAME has announced lock-ins for a number of its stores, after-hours community events where you can play games before they're out.

GAME has done a deal with EA for the lock-ins, and the first set of these, which runs during January, lets you play Visceral Games' action horror shooter Dead Space 3. Oh, and there will be snacks and drinks, too.

To register for a lock-in you have to put your name down in-store or tweet the relevant shop. You have to be over 18 and it's first-come, first-served.

The trial includes 18 shops across the UK. Dates and locations are below. If all goes well it'll do some more.

  • 6th January 2013: Westfield Stratford
  • 6th January 2013: Birmingham Bullring
  • 6th January 2013: Glasgow
  • 8th January 2013: Newcastle
  • 9th January 2013: White Rose, Leeds
  • 9th January 2013: Kingston
  • 11th January 2013: Watford
  • 13th January 2013: Sheffield Meadowhall
  • 13th January 2013: Cardiff
  • 13th January 2013: Bluewater
  • 15th January 2013: Nottingham
  • 15th January 2013: Southampton
  • 17th January 2013: Norwich
  • 17th January 2013: Reading
  • 19th January 2013: Bristol
  • 20th January 2013: Thurrock
  • 20th January 2013: Manchester
  • 7th February 2013: Belfast