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Report of EA Motive "revival" project sets tongues wagging

Marker your calendars.

Star Wars Squadrons developer EA Motive is working on the revival of an established, fan-favourite IP.

That's according to a comment made by GamesBeat's ever-chatty Jeff Grubb, which was picked up by VGC, and which tallies with information we've also heard.

According to Grubb, EA plans to announce the project at its upcoming EA Play event in just a few weeks' time. So, act surprised.

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What could it be? Well, a tease from Grubb makes it pretty obvious. "We're going to see it... if we're not dead first."

EA's Dead Space franchise has been mothballed since 2013, when Dead Space 3 launched to a lukewarm reception. Its addition of co-op, which completely changed the way the creepy sci-fi survival horror series played, was blamed on EA by fans at the time. Early ideas for a Dead Space 4 were subsequently shelved, and the series put on indefinite hiatus.

The first two Dead Space games remain beloved, though developer Visceral Games sadly shut down in 2017. The studio's final project was Amy Hennig's single-player Star Wars game code-named Ragtag, which also ended up canned.

In the years since, EA has seemingly come around to the idea of big budget single-player games again. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order did the numbers, while this year's long-awaited Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has been warmly received.

EA Play 2021 is due to take place on Thursday, 22nd July.