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April 2013 Archive

    1. Killer is Dead slated for August in Europe
    2. Acclaimed Half-Life 2 mod Minerva polished up and released on Steam
    3. Revengeance's Blade Wolf DLC dated for May in Japan
    4. Zeno Clash 2 video details numerous enhancements
    5. Group responsible for first Wii mod chip claims to have hacked Wii U to play copied games
    6. "The next generation is going to be, possibly for the very first time, the next generation of game design"
    7. Grand Theft Auto 5 shown off in three new trailers
    8. Terraria finally gets European PS3 release date
    9. Pretty adventure game The Realm inspired by Ico
    10. Respawn game is reportedly an always-online Xbox exclusive
    11. Watch Dogs includes 60 minutes of PS3-exclusive content
    12. Pre-order Diablo 3 on PS3 and you'll get an XP boosting helm
    13. Soul Sacrifice review
    14. Gears of War's movie adaptation to be helmed by Battleship's producer
    1. Airtight Games announce Ouya-exclusive disco Norse hybrid Soul Fjord
    2. Notch releases browser-based typing game Drop
    3. Relic unveils Company of Heroes 2 Theater of War
    4. BioShock Infinite DLC to feature a new companion
    5. Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.0 due this May or June
    6. The art of noise: Inside Memory of a Broken Dimension
    7. Watch Dogs release date named, new gameplay trailer
    8. Dead Island dev announces co-op hack-and-slash Hellraid
    9. Kickstarter Funding Unsuccessful for Ecco the Dolphin man Ed Annunziata
    10. Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins review
    11. Frozen Synapse on iPad in May, Android version "shortly after"
    12. Eve Online TV series announced by CCP
    13. Deadpool dated for June
    14. Microsoft moots IllumiRoom with next Xbox
    15. Batman voice actor won't return for Arkham Origins
    16. Nintendo selling refurbished 3DS, DSi XL consoles in US
    17. Call of Duty: Ghosts built on a “new next-gen engine”
    18. Beyond: Two Souls to be streamed this Saturday night
    19. UK chart: Dead Island: Riptide scores top spot despite selling less than half the original
    20. PlayStation 3 F2P shooter Dust 514 finally has a release date
    21. Shining a light on CCP's World of Darkness
    22. SimCity: Maxis outlines future fixes, promises to address post update 2.0 bugs
    23. Skullgirls Indiegogo backers choose Eliza as third DLC character
    1. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Oculus Rift
    2. Test Drive Unlimited retrospective
    1. This week on Outside Xbox
    2. Saturday Soapbox: Taking the Direct approach
    3. Face-Off: Dead Island Riptide
    1. Visit Eve Online in Oculus Rift
    2. Sony announces Vita game Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery
    3. Wii U Virtual Console goes live in Europe tomorrow
    4. Now TV under fire for failing to send Xbox 360 owners promised free Microsoft Points
    5. Watch us play Star Trek from 5pm BST today
    6. Surgeon Simulator 2013 review
    7. Lune preview: The moon is in your hands
    8. Wii U spring system update now live
    9. Sony adds ability to queue PlayStation downloads from your browser
    10. Despite Kickstarter shortfall, Defense Grid 2 development now under way
    11. Valve announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community map pack
    12. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Souls Hackers dated for the US in April
    13. Valve announces third DOTA 2: The International
    14. Third-person tactical shooter The Bureau: XCOM Declassified announced
    15. CD Projekt Red: "There is no place for multiplayer in so strongly a story-driven game as The Witcher 3"
    16. Business as usual at Respawn as EA layoffs hit hard
    17. Star Trek: The Video Game review
    1. Steam introduces subscription plans for certain games
    2. Black Ops 2's Uprising DLC dated for May on PS3 and PC
    3. Spicy Horse announces card combat RTS hybrid Hell Invaders
    4. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 double jumps onto iOS today
    5. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD set back until July
    6. How Lost Planet 3 has weathered the storm
    7. Stealth Bastard coming to PS3 and Vita this summer
    8. Can Camelot Unchained kickstart MMOs?
    9. Next Xbox to be released in "early November" - report
    10. Sony doubles income expectations for current financial year
    11. Death Inc. dev Ambient Studios closes down
    12. New PlayStation 4 video shows off DualShock 4
    13. Skyrim: Legendary Edition confirmed
    14. House of the Dead: Overkill gets iOS re-release
    15. You can now buy officially licensed BioShock Infinite fine art
    16. Battlefield 4: more evidence of Commander Mode, Battlelog 2.0, release date
    17. Quantic Dream: In pursuit of, and setting, a Hollywood precedent
    18. Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall review
    19. The funny bugs of SimCity - post update 2.0
    20. EA Partners, publisher of Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, Crysis and more, is shutting down
    21. Call of Duty: Ghosts listed by Tesco
    22. Nintendo ditches E3 press conference in favour of behind-closed-doors events
    1. Klei's gothic survival game Don't Starve has officially launched on Steam
    2. Lost Spirits of Kael is a haunting hand-painted game about being lost in the woods
    3. Microsoft to unveil its upcoming console on 21st May
    4. Machinarium on Vita is set for release next week in Europe
    5. And this is what Activision's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game looks like
    6. New Lord of the Rings Online expansion Helm's Deep raises level cap again
    7. A first real look at Total War: Rome 2 gameplay in action
    8. Monaco: What's Yours is Mine review
    9. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance review
    10. This is what Lost Planet 3 multiplayer looks like
    11. Vector review
    12. Is this XBLA's worst game?
    13. Batman: Arkham Origins includes multiplayer mode - report
    14. XCOM shooter has "evolved", 2K confirms
    15. Nintendo makes surprise profit despite lower than expected Wii U sales
    16. Iwata takes over Nintendo of America CEO role
    17. Microsoft hasn't lost touch with indies, insists XBLA dev
    1. Monaco delayed on XBLA the eve of its expected release
    2. A.N.N.E. is a metroidvania, shmup and physics-based puzzler hybrid on Kickstarter
    3. Mind-blowing CryEngine 3 tech demo simulates real-life urban development plans
    4. Corpse Party: Blood Drive announced for Vita
    5. Extensive Skullgirls patch finally coming to XBLA
    6. TBT: The Black Tower recalls the glory days of PSone RPGs
    7. Ratchet & Clank movie out 2015, first trailer released
    8. Adrian Chmielarz on Bulletstorm 2 ideas, Gears of War: Judgment changes and why he left People Can Fly
    9. New owner of Darksiders IP keen to speak with original creators about Darksiders 3
    10. Quell follow-up Quell Memento hits PS Vita in April
    11. Strike Suit Zero spin-off Strike Suit Infinity announced
    12. Playing Tetris helps treat lazy eye, doctors report
    13. Battleblock Theater review
    14. What happens when Spark, Team Ninja and Keiji Inafune collide?
    15. Fable developer Lionhead has a new boss - and he's an MMO specialist
    16. Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter campaign announced
    17. Pocket Stables review
    18. Pizza Hut launches Xbox 360 delivery app
    19. Raymond: Splinter Cell popularity held back by its complexity
    20. Windows 8.1 will revive the Start button, reports suggest
    21. Assassin's Creed 3: The Tyranny of King Washington - Part 3 review
    22. King of Dragon Pass
    23. Intriguing stealth puzzler Gunpoint headed to Steam
    24. Darksiders and Red Faction sold to Nordic Games
    25. Gearbox acquires Homeworld
    26. Japan's popular rhythm arcade series Idolmaster released as three $55 apps
    1. Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3 spotted in retailer listing
    2. Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection spotted
    3. Vlambeer cloned again with shameless Luftrausers rip-off
    4. Dyad coming to PC this week
    5. Professional translator offers to localise Mother 3 for Nintendo pro bono
    6. Gunslinger brings glory to the Call of Juarez series
    7. Resident Evil creator Mikami: "There aren't any real survival horror games in the world right now"
    8. 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro finally makes its way to North America
    9. Register three of eight Nintendo 3DS games to get another free
    10. Company of Heroes 2: how Sega's millions helped Relic's RTS get in great shape
    11. "Strong possibility" Relic will work with Games Workshop on Dawn of War 3
    12. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, the re-make of the first game in the series, is out in June
    13. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen review
    14. Dragon's Dogma Review
    15. British devs seek local game talent for Backspace festival
    16. Rayman Legends Challenges app released on Wii U this week
    17. Quantic Dream "very interested" in PS4 touchpad for "designing games that are adapted to a larger audience"
    18. Games Workshop's fantasy board game Talisman Prologue launches for iOS, Android this week
    19. The Sly Trilogy PlayStation Vita port spotted
    20. UK chart: Injustice: Gods Among Us topples BioShock Infinite
    21. SimCity goes offline tonight ahead of hotly anticipated update 2.0 patch
    22. Dead Island Riptide review
    1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost review
    2. Advance Wars retrospective
    1. This week on Outside Xbox
    2. Saturday Soapbox: Leave me alone
    1. Crowdsourced interactive music video Do Not Touch is a fascinating sociological experiment
    2. Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within announced for cross-gen, 2014 release
    3. Third-person shooter God Mode launches today on Steam and XBLA
    4. The Binding of Isaac has surpassed 2 million sales
    5. Among the Sleep crawls to Kickstarter
    6. Team Fortress 2 played on omnidirectional treadmill and Oculus Rift
    7. BioShock Infinite bests Tomb Raider as March's top-selling in the US
    8. GAME now selling digital copies of Wii U and 3DS games
    9. Heavy Rain cost €16.7 million to make and made Sony "more than €100 million"
    10. Gears of War: Judgment Call to Arms Map Pack revealed
    11. World of Tanks security breach exposes email addresses and password hashes, but financial information remains safe
    12. Molyneux adds option to re-grow Curiosity cube
    13. Jak and Daxter Trilogy hits PS Vita in June
    14. Injustice: Gods Among Us review
    15. Ultra-rare Sega Pluto prototypes discovered
    16. Nintendo apologises about lack of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate stock
    17. Edge developer celebrates as Tim Langdell trademark finally cancelled
    18. Pre-production on Beyond dev Quantic Dream's PS4 game began middle of 2012
    19. Orion: Dino Horde dev hits back at allegations of Metacritic manipulation
    20. Pixel Defenders Puzzle review
    21. Liberation Maiden is getting a text-based adventure game spin-off for PS3
    22. 10 minutes of A Link to the Past 3DS revealed
    1. Skyrim: Legendary Edition to contain all DLC - report
    2. Microsoft's Entertainment Division revenue has increased 56 per cent since last year
    3. Papo & Yo launches on Steam today
    4. The Legend of Zelda 3DS preview: Linked to the past
    5. See what Monster Hunter looks like on CryEngine 3
    6. Save Homeworld campaign fails to secure the rights to the space RTS series
    7. Frontier's cancelled Microsoft Zoo was an attempt to bring Zoo Tycoon to console
    8. Metro: Last Light PC system requirements revealed
    9. Capcom: "excessive outsourcing" has resulted in a "decline in quality"
    10. Afrika
    11. Microsoft smartwatch reaches prototype stage
    12. Pride and Prejudice review
    13. Report: Microsoft in talks to revive Heroes TV show on Xbox
    14. Team Bondi staff sacked, Whore of the Orient development on hold - report
    15. Firefall open beta release date revealed
    16. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Jetstream Sam review
    17. The latest batch of accepted Steam Greenlight titles have been announced
    1. Platinum Games president rates its sales as a "C or even a D."
    2. The 3DS has sold 8 million units in the US
    3. Nintendo announces slew of 3DS releases, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team date
    4. New Yoshi's Island announced for 3DS
    5. Poker Night 2 contains Portal, The Venture Bros., Army of Darkness and Sam & Max crossovers
    6. Leviathan: Warships trailer wants you to take it easy, like that guy playing Sonic
    7. FIFA 14: recreating the emotion of scoring great goals
    8. SNES classic Earthbound headed to Wii U VC, system update due next week
    9. Link to the Past sequel coming to 3DS
    10. Limited edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL bundle spotted in the UK
    11. EA announces FIFA 14 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
    12. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Uprising review
    13. UK government launches in-app purchases survey for parents
    14. European Commission slaps another delay on UK games industry tax breaks
    15. Planescape: Torment producer Guido Henkel working on a new RPG called Deathfire
    16. Respawn registers trademark for Titan
    17. Beyond: Two Souls preview: David Cage on life after the Rain
    18. Kachina is the latest game to be backed by the Indie Fund
    1. Diggs Nightcrawler dated for Europe this May
    2. Soul Sacrifice demo due next week
    3. Bethesda reveals video teaser, possibly Wolfenstein, possibly Project Zwei
    4. Screenshots of Prince of Persia prototype, created by Silent Hill: Shattered Memories dev Climax
    5. Elite: Dangerous developer Frontier announces Coaster Crazy Deluxe for Wii U
    6. Free Forza Horizon DLC now available
    7. Rome 2: Total War live code demo confirmed in Rezzed developer sessions schedule
    8. Come and play the new Black Ops 2 DLC with us
    9. Ron Gilbert reveals his vision for a new Monkey Island game
    10. Code of Princess review
    11. Tekken Revolution spotted
    12. Sex, death and bright colours: Exploring the strange world of Suda 51's Killer is Dead
    13. Criterion boss: "After over a decade of making racing games it's time to make something new"
    14. Bethesda re-releasing The Elder Scrolls: Arena for tablets and phones?
    1. Little Inferno launches on Mac today
    2. Injustice: Gods Among Us Wii U delayed a week in the UK
    3. Cloudberry Kingdom confirmed for PS3, Vita, Wi U, XBLA and Steam this spring
    4. QUBE for Wii U revealed
    5. Strike Vector is an impressive looking aerial combat game made by four people
    6. Master modder builds a retro console which plays 18 classic formats
    7. Castle of Illusion remake unveiled for PSN, XBLA and PC
    8. Skyrim team moving on to "our next major project", presumably Fallout 4
    9. Battlefield 4 promo material reveals return of Commander Mode, three playable factions
    10. 20 mins of The Elder Scrolls Online beta footage leaks onto internet
    11. UK chart: BioShock Infinite soars to its third week on top
    12. Mirror's Edge footage shows off Oculus Rift support
    13. Only Dean "Rocket" Hall would take a two-month sabbatical to climb Mount Everest
    14. Fire Emblem: Awakening review
    15. Fez sells 200,000 copies in a year on Xbox Live Arcade
    16. The developer of Pid announces Shelter, in which you play the mother of a litter of cubs
    17. Watch us play Resident Evil: Revelations HD from 5pm BST
    18. 2K takes XCOM shooter website, videos offline as evidence points to rebrand to The Bureau
    19. EA shuts down "older" Facebook games The Sims Social, SimCity Social and Pet Society
    20. Hilco cutting three staff roles across most HMV stores - report
    21. Finger Hoola review
    22. The War Z hack didn't apparently jeopardise game accounts
    23. ArmA Tactics in action on Nvidia's handheld Project Shield thingamajig
    24. Open world zombie base-building game State of Decay due June on XBLA
    25. Wheelchair-bound gamer banned from after accusations he faked disability
    26. The story of King of Dragon Pass: Do you remember Demolition Man?
    27. Rivet Wars: Turning universe creation on its head
    28. After children rack up huge bills, UK government announces investigation into "aggressive" in-app purchases
    1. Assassin's Creed vs. PlayStation Vita
    2. The Club retrospective
    1. This week on Outside Xbox
    2. Chasm is a polished looking Castlevania-esque roguelike on Kickstarter
    3. Digital Foundry vs. the ultimate gaming PC
    1. Road Rash-inspired Road Redemption cruises to Kickstarter
    2. Tax Evaders is a fun browser game about corporate tax evasion
    3. Dark Souls worldwide sales total 2.3 million
    4. Sony announces new Invizimals adventures for Vita, PS3
    5. Test Drive Unlimited dev Eden Games closed, company in liquidation
    6. Defiance review
    7. Death Inc. back from the dead with $10 paid alpha
    8. Capturing the dragon: the music of Jeremy Soule
    9. Nintendo shutting down Wii channels and online services
    10. The next Ridge Racer is free-to-play Ridge Racer Driftopia for PC and PlayStation 3
    11. Gemini Rue launches on iOS today
    12. Codies talks multiplayer, next gen and, yes, camera angles for Grid 2
    13. Age of Empires 2 HD review
    14. Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and The Flame remake coming to mobile devices
    15. Castle of Illusion remake teased for this summer
    1. Pippin Barr's Mumble Indie Bungle parodies several critical darlings
    2. New Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC Uprising has an Alcatraz Zombies map
    3. "Enjoy your deaths": How there's nothing to fear in Dark Souls 2
    4. Disney Infinity trailer shows off Toy Box mode
    5. Draw Something to be turned into Channel 4 game show
    6. Ex-Inside Xbox members launch new project Thank You For Playing
    7. First gameplay footage of Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC
    8. Watch us play Guacamelee from 5pm BST
    9. Forza and Ryse to be next Xbox launch titles
    10. OnLive boosts quality: is cloud gaming now viable?
    11. Resident Evil: Revelations will get a Season Pass
    12. Jeff Minter returns to Tempest with new Vita game
    13. The developer of the new Space Hulk game is making a new turn-based Jagged Alliance
    14. Microsoft creative director Adam Orth no longer with Microsoft
    15. Rayman Legends delay has spawned 30 new levels
    16. Capcom: Darkstalkers Resurrection hasn't sold well enough to be considered successful
    17. Kerbal Space Program dev pledges free expansions after fan outcry
    18. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has cybersharks and mutant cassowarys
    19. Paul Cuisset returns to Flashback with new remake
    20. Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien hits the European Wii U eShop this week
    1. 10 minutes of Dark Souls 2 gameplay revealed
    2. The next Xbox will be fully integrated into your TV via a cable box connection - report
    3. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City developer Slant Six issues "temporary layoffs"
    4. Fan-made Monkey Island game announced
    5. ShootMania Storm review
    6. Splinter Cell: Blacklist finally confirmed for Wii U
    7. Kerbal Space Program dev explains update plans after fan fury at paid-for expansion
    8. Guacamelee review
    9. SimCity out on Mac in June, free to those who have PC version - and vice versa
    10. Revengeance's Jetstream Sam DLC due this week
    11. Flying through life: Meet the man behind Panzer Dragoon
    12. Dishonored's Harvey Smith releases a novel based on his own turbulent life
    13. Destiny: character classes, races and... #TeamTigerMan
    14. Professor Layton, Ni No Kuni developer Level-5 announces work on new PlayStation 4 game
    15. Kickstarted game Shadowrun Returns is coming out in June
    16. RF Online
    17. UK LulzSec hackers who targeted Nintendo, Sony, plead guilty
    18. Finally, SimCity gets Cheetah Speed
    19. Divinity: Original Sin could be the most polished project ever on Kickstarter
    20. Will you waterfall for Obsidian's first Project Eternity video?
    21. District 9 director Neill Blomkamp still keen on Halo movie - but only if given control
    22. Former BioWare boss: PS4 and next Xbox unlikely to cure "sick market for old-school gaming"
    23. Belayed potential: The art of videogame climbing
    24. Muramasa Rebirth dated for June in North America
    1. Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer TimeGate Studios announces free-to-play shooter Minimum
    2. Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae makes her western debut with Kickstarted indie Shovel Knight
    3. Vita system update tomorrow will allow you to group apps into folders
    4. Batman: Arkham Origins announced for PC, PS3, Wii U and Xbox 360
    5. Hackers crack Ubisoft's uPlay security, able to download games for free
    6. Media Molecule's papercraft platformer Tearaway dated for October
    7. After its Mega Man FPS was canned, Armature Studio finally re-emerges as Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate dev
    8. Lost Planet 3 delayed two months to end of August for "business reasons"
    9. Activision "does not believe" it owns the rights to No One Lives Forever
    10. BioShock Infinite alternate covers released by Irrational
    11. Working on an indie game? Want to exhibit free at Rezzed? The Leftfield Collection is now accepting submissions
    12. Remember this - is Capcom's new IP the last of a dying breed?
    13. Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist live action series hits Kickstarter
    14. Halo 4: Castle Map Pack review
    15. Gory cartoon-style ninja slicing game Draw Slasher coming to PlayStation Vita
    16. Square Enix thought Tomb Raider could sell nearly double its 3.4 million first month sales
    17. Outlast preview: A look at ex-Ubisoft devs' first-person horror game
    18. Next Xbox won't be backwards-compatible, report says
    19. Gamer Network partners with Play Expo to bring major gaming event to northern England
    20. Licences for old Rock Band DLC songs are expiring so they're disappearing
    21. Former Fable devs rebooting Rag Doll Kung Fu for iPhone and iPad
    22. KOTOR2 dev Obsidian "sad" about LucasArts, "would love to" pitch a Star Wars game
    23. 30 minutes of bonkers Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon footage leaked online
    24. Defiance TV pilot review
    25. Fuse doesn't have micro-transactions or an online pass
    26. Chris Avellone: Knights of the Old Republic 2 restoration team "should be given a lot of kudos"
    27. Don't expect more updated versions of classic Capcom fighting games
    1. Analogue: A Hate Story sequel Hate Plus announced
    2. Storyteller impressions: All the world's a stage in this IGF-winning puzzler
    3. Hands on with Dropchord, Double Fine's Leap motion-controlled rhythmic score-attack game
    4. New Skyrim PC patch 1.9 "effectively removes the overall level cap"
    5. Next Xbox reveal due 21st May, costs $500 or $300 with a subscription, reports suggest
    6. Introducing the Wii U's best drinking game
    7. Microsoft building "Cloud TV" platform for Xbox
    8. Book of Unwritten Tales dev Kickstarts turn-based strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos
    9. Pocket-sized Android console GameStick delayed a bit
    10. The Silent Age review
    11. Nintendo delays new Brain Training game days before release
    12. All the world's a playground: Tiny Games heads to Kickstarter
    13. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon gets release date and... '80s film star Michael Biehn?
    14. Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar Kickstarter was a big success
    15. UK chart: Defiance rockets into top three, but BioShock Infinite still top
    16. Unravelling the mystery of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    17. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon spotted again as Achievements leak
    18. What is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon?
    1. Xiaomi MI2 review
    1. BioShock Infinite review
    2. This week on Outside Xbox
    3. Saturday Soapbox: The high cost of high standards
    4. Torment: Tides of Numenera sets new Kickstarter record with over $3.99 million
    1. Microsoft creative director dismisses "drama" around always-online consoles
    2. Peter Moore weighs in on EA being voted the 'worst company in America" for the second year in a row
    3. Wii U Aliens: Colonial Marines misses launch window, is it still alive?
    4. Pre-order Company of Heroes 2 and you get free campaign DLC
    5. BioShock Infinite: America's Fairground
    6. THQ taking bids for Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld et al from 1st April
    7. Robert Bowling's 2D platformer unsuccessful on Kickstarter
    8. Tech Analysis: Metal Gear Solid 5's FOX Engine
    9. The video game industry's gender wage gap is worse than you think
    10. HMV could be rescued this morning in £50 million Hilco buyout
    11. This is what top-level COD competition ****ing looks like
    12. Sega to shut down Medieval 2: Total War developer Sega Studios Australia
    13. Farming Simulator on PS3 and Xbox 360 the first week of September
    14. Don't rule free-to-play MMO Neverwinter out
    15. New Square Enix boss promises "fundamental review" of the entire company
    16. Jason Rohrer creates a game that will take over 2000 years to complete
    17. It's the first screenshot of Torment: Tides of Numenera
    18. Star Wars Pinball: The Empire Strikes Back review
    1. Film critic and video games' best frenemy Roger Ebert has passed
    2. Star Wars 1313 was about Boba Fett after all
    3. $175 BlizzCon 2013 tickets on sale in two batches later this month
    4. BioShock Infinite ending explained
    5. What do The Joker, Brandon Lee, a raccoon and an outlaw have in common? They all went into reinventing Garrett
    6. "No competitive multiplayer" in next-gen Thief
    7. GAME to sell a range of tablets, including iPads
    8. Telltale no longer rebooting King's Quest, but Activision may
    9. Tech Analysis: Battlefield 4: Fishing in Baku
    10. Raven waves bye bye to LucasArts by releasing Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast source code
    11. Disney ends internal development at LucasArts, shifts to licensing model
    12. Unreal Engine 4 Demo: PlayStation 4 vs. PC
    1. Sega adds disclaimer to Aliens: Colonial Marines trailers after admitting they didn't accurately reflect final game
    2. Bethesda confirms work on a "new version" of Doom 4, plans for Rage 2 ditched
    3. Blizzard outlines plan to make Diablo 3 co-op better
    4. Dynasty Warriors 8 coming to Europe in July
    5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut for Wii U confirmed, and yes, they've fixed the boss battles
    6. PS3 exclusive Puppeteer out in September for a budget price
    7. Thief dev explains why it ditched original Garrett voice actor
    8. Draw Something studio boss quits Zynga
    9. Torment: Tides of Numenera will be a 2015 game
    10. Blizzard unifies StarCraft 2 eSports with 2013 World Championship Series
    11. The first SimCity DLC is... the Nissan LEAF Charging Station
    12. Ex-Dreamworks animator crowdfunding medieval mouse adventure Ghost of a Tale
    13. Camelot Unchained: A purists' Dark Age of Camelot trying to raise $2 million on Kickstarter
    14. BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia board game revealed
    15. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct review
    1. Shin Megami Tensei 4 coming to North America this summer
    2. Tenya Wanya Teens: Hands on with the Katamari Damacy creator's custom controller experiment
    3. PSN compilation to include Fat Princess, Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes and When Vikings Attack
    4. Creepy Watson to return in Sherlock Holmes' Crimes & Punishments
    5. Face-Off: BioShock Infinite
    6. Telltale nearly scrapped The Walking Dead's Clementine a week before recording
    7. DRM: Death Ray Manta review
    8. The War Z forced offline after forum and game database hacked
    9. Eurogamer meets Luigi
    10. Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy are top-five finishers in Classic FM Hall of Fame
    11. Torchlight 2 editor Guts released with Steam Workshop integration
    12. UK chart: BioShock Infinite flies to the top
    13. A console version of DayZ "is almost certain" and talks with Sony have already happened
    14. David Hayter, the voice of Solid Snake, waves goodbye to Metal Gear
    15. First Thief trailer confirms new voice actor for Garrett
    1. Step inside the arcade of the future
    2. Meet Kenya's indie gaming pioneers