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10 minutes of A Link to the Past 3DS revealed

Includes one familiar googley-eyed boss.

A new video showing off 10 minutes of A Link to the Past's 3DS sequel has made its way to the interwebs.

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Check out its slick new art and cute-as-a-button switches that go from smiley to frowny when you whack them. The whole Super Paper Mario-esque concept of sidling along walls as a doodle seems to be more than just a gimmick and appears to change the level design drastically. Hopefully the design wizards at Nintendo will continue to think up new, increasingly devious ways this can be used in later stages.

Interestingly, the player launches arrows with buttons now, unlike the touchscreen-based DS Zeldas. This makes sense given the retro button-based controls for movement, but I can't help but wonder if touch controls will return as an option, since using items was much more intuitive that way, methinks. Of course, this would mean that the action would have to take place on the smaller 2D bottom screen, which I sort of doubt Nintendo would want to emphasize with its fancy lenticular widescreen strutting its stuff up top.

Regrettably, one thing that hasn't changed is the annoying text that pops up to alert you that the blue rupee you unearthed is still worth five rupees. Can someone at Nintendo please alleviate these comically redundant messages?

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