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Frozen Synapse on iPad in May, Android version "shortly after"

UPDATE: Out 16th May, Mode 7 Games announces.

UPDATE: Frozen Synapse on iPad comes out on 16th May, developer Mode 7 Games has announced.

The Android version will follow soon after, although no release date has been set.

ORIGINAL STORY: Super-duper lovely jubbly turn-based asynchronous shooter Frozen Synapse is coming to iPad in May and then Android tablets "shortly after", developer Mode 7 has told Eurogamer.

There's no price yet but apparently it will be "competitive", joint managing director Paul Taylor said. On Steam the game is sold in a double-pack that costs £18.99.

"Cross-platform play between iOS, Android and desktop versions is definitely happening," Taylor added. "You will be able to start matches on one device, then take your subsequent turns on any other device."

The Red DLC will be available as well.

On iPad.

Taylor said it had been "a challenge" squishing the PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac and game onto tablets. Pinch-zoom is in, though, and you can drag waypoints around with your silly old fingers.

"It's an exciting way to play the game and we hope it'll introduce Frozen Synapse to a whole new audience," Taylor remarked.

We do too, because Frozen Synapse is the bee's knees.

There's a video of Frozen Synapse in action on iPad below. Do bear in mind that it's not the done-and-dusted build, so there are still a few things the team is ironing out.

Frozen Synapse is in development for PS3 and Vita, incidentally. That version will be called Frozen Synapse: Tactics, and it's a co-development with Double Eleven.

Mode 7's announced a new game as well: Frozen Endzone. It's a sort of cross between American Football and robots and Frozen Synapse. It's due out next year.

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