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Will you waterfall for Obsidian's first Project Eternity video?

To Infinity Engine and beyond.

Obsidian's shared the first video of Project Eternity in action.

Brought to life is the waterfall area shown in the game's first screenshot. Music tinkles, a waterfall believably cascades, and grass and trees and bushes sway in the breeze.

Obsidian demonstrates how it can dry up and then fill the running water level of the river on demand, which is nifty - could there be spells attached to this?

Then, a group of characters enter the scene. It appears to be a human man and woman, and a dwarf. They're detailed enough that you see their individual pieces of equipment.

Dynamic lighting is demonstrated as the sunlight turns golden, sets and then gives way to moonlight. A wisp or glowing ball appears from the entrance of the rock face to demonstrate real-time glowing light.

It's a pleasant scene to look at and a promising environment-test. It's even more pleasant when you consider that it will run on any "run-of-the-mill-PC", said project lead Josh Sawyer.

Project Eternity is due out on PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac roughly a year from now. Excitingly, Obsidian's Chris Avellone will present Project Eternity at this year's Rezzed game show in Birmingham, which takes place on 22-23rd June. Tickets are £9 while they're still classed as "early bird", so go snap one up quick.

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