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Among the Sleep crawls to Kickstarter

Baby needs a new pair of development funds.

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Among the Sleep, the first-person horror game starring a two-year-old, has arisen on Kickstarter, where it's already met roughly a quarter of its $200,000 funding goal in only a day.

As of writing this, the current tally is at $49,343 with 28 days to go before the 18th May deadline.

Developed by the Norway-based Krillbite Studios, Among the Sleep will focus on hiding - and possibly seeking. Since you're a pint-sized runt you won't be able to run, jump or fight, but you can pull out drawers to form makeshift staircases. Krillbite explained that it would like to "tell a compelling story both through an interesting storyline and through metaphor, relating to what actually evokes this fear and confusion in the child. We aim to include the surrealistic theme of dreams and children's imagination, both as a setting and an active part of the game."

We've taken a look at Among the Sleep before. "Krillbite's work is still another stirring indictment of an indie PC scene that's proving a fountain of creativity and progression in an industry that seems intent on eating itself," wrote EG-contributor Joe Denton in his Among the Sleep preview.

Additionally, Krillbite made the excellent five-minute free mini-epic The Plan about the majestic, melancholy life of a fly.

Those who pledge $20 towards the Among the Sleep Kickstarter will receive a copy of the game when it launches later this year along with access to backer-exclusive forums, while an extra $5 will guarantee a copy of the soundtrack, and $30 secures two copies of the upcoming horror game for a limited time.

Assuming Krillbite meets its goal, it would like to launch Among the Sleep in Q4 2013 on PC, Mac and Linux.

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