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Among the Sleep to get a public alpha tomorrow

UPDATE: Kickstarter goal met. Still working towards Oculus Rift support.

Update: Among the Sleep has shot past its $200K Kickstarter goal with a a current tally of $212,033.

This boost in pledges was likely brought on by yesterday's public alpha release, which you can watch our Youtube editor Ian Higton brave below.

Developer Krillbite needs to raise $225K in order to add Oculus Rift support, which it has another 66 hours to raise before its 18th May deadline at 5p.m. GMT. Will it make it? Based on its 11th hour momentum, my bet's on probably.

A commentary track will follow at $230K.

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Original story: Among the Sleep, Krillbite Studio's first-person horror game played from the perspective of a two year old, is getting a free public alpha tomorrow.

As reported by Polygon, the Alpha is set to go up on the game's Kickstarter page tomorrow at 2p.m. EST - that's 7p.m. GMT.

By the time the alpha is up, Among the Sleep will only have four days left to polish off its $200K goal before its 18th May deadline. As of now it's accrued $181,891.

Will the demo bump up donations to make its goal? Probably. What's more questionable is if Krillbite will hit the $225K stretch goal to add Oculus Rift support. Check out how that looks in the early footage below.

Cover image for YouTube videoAmong The Sleep Update #2 - Oculus Rift

Assuming it meets its funding goal, Among the Sleep is due this December on PC, Mac and Linux.