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Leviathan: Warships trailer wants you to take it easy, like that guy playing Sonic

"You're the boat boss."

Leviathan: Warships - Pieces Interactive's upcoming asynchronous naval strategy game for PC, Mac, iOS and Android on 30th April - has just been immortalized in a relaxing new trailer that emulates Youtube user docfuture's now classic narration of Sonic 1 on easy mode.

"Blow up some ships," said the narrator of the Leviathan: Warships trailer. "You've earned it."

"Customise your fleet and play against your friends," he continued. "Why not? You're the boat boss."

Leviathan: Warships will feature cross-platform play with single-player, co-op and competitive modes. Now if only it had the trailer's narrator providing a Bastion-like voice-over reacting to your performance.

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Behold! The clear influence behind this Leviathan: Warships trailer:

Watch on YouTube

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