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A first real look at Total War: Rome 2 gameplay in action

What you'll see when you play.

Creative Assembly has released an 11-minute gameplay video of Total War: Rome 2, showing the game for the first time from the user-interface-overlaid perspective of you, the commander, the player.

The scenario is the Battle of Teutoborg, where the Romans were ambushed and suffered a huge defeat.

Narrator Al Bickham from Creative Assembly takes control of the Roman forces during the fight and talks us through what he's doing as he does it, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of units and the tactics you could employ. You might recognise his name - he once contributed some reviews to this site.

The video highlights the technological leap in Total War production values since Shogun 2. The animation is better, the presentation is better and the sound is better. Watch the video with headphones.

Total War: Rome 2 is due this year, presumably in the autumn months, although no concrete date has been announced.

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