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Revengeance's Jetstream Sam DLC due this week

UPDATE: UK/EU PlayStation Store pricing confirmed.

UPDATE: Konami has told Eurogamer the Jetstream pack will cost 9.99 Euro / £7.99 for PlayStation 3 or 800 Microsoft Points, and launches on the European PlayStation Store today.

ORIGINAL STORY: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's first bit of story DLC is due this week on Xbox Live and PSN with the Jetstream Sam add-on.

Konami's Twitter feed noted that it will hit PSN today, suggesting a North American release. This means it will ostensibly come to Europe tomorrow along with a worldwide Xbox Live release, but we're looking into confirming this with Konami. The DLC is $10, though it was previously listed as $6.99 (about £5)

A Japanese launch trailer for the DLC shows off some of its new content. Unfortunately the environments and enemies look very familiar, but Sam's move set looks unique enough to distinguish itself from Raiden. He appears to have several nifty charge attacks, new finishing move animations, and his own VR missions.

The end of the trailer notes that the upcoming Blade Wolf DLC is due in May, at least in Japan. Previously it was expected to arrive in April.

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