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Dead Island dev announces co-op hack-and-slash Hellraid

First screenshots dug up.

Come at me, Jon Snow!

Dead Island and Call of Juarez developer Techland has announced its next project: a co-op hack-and-slash named Hellraid.

Hellraid will launch "later this year" for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - as yet, there's no mention of Wii U or next-gen consoles.

Techland boasts that Hellraid is "two games in one" - you can play the game in a story-driven single-player mode, stabbing the denizens of hell by yourself, or alternatively you can summon up to three friends to poke evil beasties with you.

Players then compete for points and take part in randomly-generated challenges.

Expect looting, questing, weapon crafting, boss fights, armour customisation, character development and other RPG fare.

It's a bit like Dead Island then, but more medieval than Mediterranean.

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