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Dead Island dev's Hellraid delayed until 2014

What the devil?

Dead Island developer Techland has delayed its gothic co-op hack-and-slash Hellraid until next year.

A longer spell in development will mean the game can include new features and game modes, Techland has said.

"If we released our game this year we would have to make too many compromises and the final product probably wouldn't meet all our promises and players' expectations," producer Marcin Kruczkiewicz explained.

"We want to redesign the magic system to make it even more powerful and diverse, add new ways of casting spells and a set of new, more visually stunning spells."

We've not heard anything about Hellraid for a while. It was first announced back in April for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and was billed as "two games in one" - a story-driven single-player campaign and a four-player points-scoring challenge across procedurally-generated maps.

A month later we had a more detailed look at the game, which was still without a publisher.

Techland mentioned today that the game will now see a digital release, suggesting it plans to launch the title by itself.

In the meantime, Techland is working on Dying Light, its PC, current and next-gen survival horror that it promises won't be another Dead Island.

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