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Techland insists Hellraid isn't cancelled

Techland insists Hellraid isn't cancelled

Dying Light passes 4.5m players, and Call of Juarez could return.

Dying Light developer Techland has assured me dark fantasy action game Hellraid has not been cancelled. Development has been "frozen" but may be thawed as soon as third quarter this calendar year.

CEO Pawel Marchewka also told me Dying Light has 4.5 million unique users, the last count being 3.2 million mid-March. That doesn't strictly equal sales, but more on that and Dying Light - and the future Call of Juarez - later.

Hellraid first. "No no no," Marchewka responded at Polish games conference Digital Dragons when I asked if the game had been cancelled - it had been ominously announced as "on hold" only hours before.

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Dead Island dev dumps Hellraid development

Techland doubles down on Dying Light.

Dead Island and Dying Light studio Techland has decided to cease development of Hellraid, its dark first-person fantasy game originally planned for launch this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Techland are a busy bunch, aren't they? While they're not working on Dead Island's first sequel proper, they are working on the similarly themed (and quite grand looking) Dying Light, as well as producing the digital-only hack and slash fantasy game Hellraid. It originally started out as a mode for Dead Island (thanks Wikipedia!) but now is its own standalone game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Dead Island dev Techland re-announces Hellraid for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Dead Island dev Techland re-announces Hellraid for PC, PS4, Xbox One

PS3, Xbox 360 versions ditched as tech improved.

Dead Island developer Techland has re-announced its fantasy dungeon-crawler Hellraid for a 2015 release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One - rather than PS3 and Xbox 360.

A Steam Early Access build has also been confirmed, for launch this autumn.

Techland has rejigged some of Hellraid's settings and upgraded its technology since last we heard of the game. Hellraid's four character classes have now been condensed into one, with players able to access powers from each.

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Dead Island dev announces co-op hack-and-slash Hellraid

Dead Island and Call of Juarez developer Techland has announced its next project: a co-op hack-and-slash named Hellraid.

Hellraid will launch "later this year" for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 - as yet, there's no mention of Wii U or next-gen consoles.

Techland boasts that Hellraid is "two games in one" - you can play the game in a story-driven single-player mode, stabbing the denizens of hell by yourself, or alternatively you can summon up to three friends to poke evil beasties with you.

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