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Paul Cuisset returns to Flashback with new remake

Here's your first look at Vector Cell's retread of the 1992 classic.

Paul Cuisset, the French developer who made his name at legendary '90s studio Delphine software, is returning to his most famous property with a remake of side-scrolling action adventure game Flashback for XBLA, PS3 and PC.

Vector Cell is behind the remake, and five of the 15-strong team behind the new Flashback worked on the original. A team within Vector Cell started the project on their own steam before presenting it to Ubisoft, who agreed to take on publishing duties.

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The remake expands upon the story, adding new lines of dialogue and a cast of voice actors, as well as adding several new twists. The game itself shuns the rotoscoped 2D of the original in favour of a 2.5D mode similar to 2009 Xbox Live Arcade game Shadow Complex - although Vector Cell's insistent that it's striving to stay true to the spirit of the 1992 original.

Vector Cell's last game was the disappointing Amy, which released to scathing reviews last year.

Does the makeover work as effectively as the one recently granted Another World, Delphine Software's other cherished side-scrolling adventure? Judge for yourself by looking at some gameplay excerpts in our video preview and interview with co-writer Simon McKenzie.

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