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Aliens: Colonial Marines co-developer TimeGate Studios announces free-to-play shooter Minimum

From the studio that brought you Section 8.

TimeGate Studios may have gotten a lot of flak for its role in co-developing Aliens: Colonial Marines with Gearbox, but when it wasn't being outsourced to tidy up the Dallas studio's red-headed stepchild, it made some pretty decent games like Section 8. Now it's revealed its next title, a PC-exclusive free-to-play third-person shooter called Minimum.

As detailed on its official site' FAQ, Minimum "hearkens back to old-school classics like Contra and Raiden," in that it has a power-up system where collecting gun upgrades makes your weapon more powerful (up to five levels), but getting killed strips you of your gear and you'll respawn with a simple pea shooter.

During each match two giants representing each team will battle to the death. There's even a Titan Mode where players power their team's titan by collecting energy dropped by fallen creatures in the environment.

While Minimum has no formal release date, it will be available as early as 16th April on Steam's Early Access channel.

See Minimum in action in its debut trailer below.

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