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The developer of the new Space Hulk game is making a new turn-based Jagged Alliance

Full Control.

The developer of the new Space Hulk game is making a new turn-based Jagged Alliance.

Danish studio Full Control signed a licensing agreement with bitComposer Games to develop and publish a new multiplatform game in the Jagged Alliance franchise.

Full Control is making the eye-catching turn-based strategy game based on Game Workshop's Space Hulk franchise - it rekindles memories of Firaxis' XCOM remake.

"Jagged Alliance fits perfectly into our company strategy and portfolio as the game to do after we ship Space Hulk," Full Control boss Thomas Hentschel Lund said.

"It is one of the three games besides X-Com and Fallout that really defined the entire genre and is part of our DNA.

"We are honoured and excited to have been the confidence given by bitComposer to give the series a fresh new take whilst staying true to the core mechanics."

Jagged Alliance has been around since 1994, when the first game in the series released. The superb Jagged Alliance 2 launched in 1999 before a disappointing reboot in 2012 with Jagged Alliance - Back in Action, a game that left the franchise's turn-based action gameplay roots behind.

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