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Test Drive Unlimited dev Eden Games closed, company in liquidation

God speed.

Eden Games, developer of Alone in the Dark and Test Drive Unlimited, is no more.

The Lyon-based studio was placed into a state of liquidation by local authorities at the end of January 2013, our colleagues at Eurogamer France understand, with judicial agent RB Sabourin appointed as liquidator.

Eden's owner Atari announced in May 2012 that the developer was "in the process of being disposed of", although Eurogamer was subsequently told us that Eden had "not closed" (yet). The studio was being prepared for "divestment", Atari said, suggesting a sale of the business or closure was imminent.

The majority of Eden Games' staff were fired in the summer of 2011, prompting the rest of the studio to go on strike. Some have since banded together at new outfit Blossom Minds.

Eden's final game was Test Drive Unlimited 2, released in 2011. "Unsteady but passionate and ambitious, TDU2 is fantastic escapism," Eurogamer's Oli Welsh wrote in our 7/10 review. "It's just a shame it sometimes needs to escape from itself."

We've contacted Atari for its official line and will update when we hear back.

Au revoir, Eden Games.