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Sega to shut down Medieval 2: Total War developer Sega Studios Australia

Also responsible for Stormrise and London 2012 Olympics game.

Medieval 2: Total War developer Sega Studios Australia will close its doors later this year.

The outfit, formerly Creative Assembly Australia, was also responsible for 2009 strategy title Stormrise and Sega's official London 2012 Olympics tie-in. The latter received a middling reception but stuck around in the UK chart.

But it's for Medieval 2: Total War and its Kingdoms expansion that the Brisbane-based studio will remain best known.

Sega confirmed the closure to Kotaku last night, although detail is still scarce.

"As we are under consultation with the studio we cannot comment on the particulars of the situation," a Sega representative told Eurogamer today. "However we can confirm that sadly the Australian studio will be closing its doors later this year."

Creative Assembly HQ in the UK is currently busying itself with Total War: Rome 2, due for release this October. By all accounts, it looks very promising.

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