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Medieval II through digi-dist

But only in America.

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SEGA has joined the ranks of publishers using Valve's Steam service to distribute games, introducing Medieval II: Total War to the service - but only in America.

Medieval II is also sold through rival digital distribution service Direct2Drive, with sales there limited to the US, Canada and Mexico.

Hailing Steam's "proven" ability to deliver "secure and reliable downloads", SEGA of America boss Simon Jeffery said he was pleased to put the game "quickly and easily into the hands of hungry fans everywhere".

However it looks like any hungry fans around here will have to make do with the boxed version, as SEGA's European website merely redirects potential buyers to Amazon and

SEGA's UK representatives said they get back to us about whether the game will be released via digital distribution in Europe.

The company, which owns Total War developer Creative Assembly, has previously distributed Rome expansion Alexander over the Internet.

Not that Medieval II's boxed limitation appears to be hurting it much - with the game appearing in the UK charts at number nine based on its first few days on sale.

You can read what we made of it in this week's review.

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