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This week on Outside Xbox

Undead nightmares.

Forgive the whiff of rotting flesh, but we've found ourselves with a rather zombie-centric week on Outside Xbox this time. Still, everyone loves zombies right? At least until the default videogame enemy wheel of misfortune swings back around to Nazis again.

Our Show of the Week takes its inspiration from Dead Island Riptide, a game more divisive than a baseball bat with a circular saw on the end of it. We rather enjoyed our time on Palanai, but we can understand if people can't stomach the buggier, more broken elements.

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All this zombie mashing got Andy thinking about his plan for the zombpocalypse. Fortunately years of playing zombie games has given him the expert training to survive. When the dead finally rise, you want to be hiding behind this guy.

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Finally if that's all a bit much congealed blood for one week. We settled down to another round of Minecraft Pictionary, which blends actual real-life Pictionary cards with Minecraft speed-building. If you saw the last instalment, you'll know the drill.

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Elsewhere we had chats with the people behind Injustice and Lost Planet 3, a compilation of the best moments from the Call of Duty Championship Final and, if that wasn't enough congealed blood for one week, we had a co-op playthrough of Dead Island Riptide too. For even more of this sort of thing, check out

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