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Kickstarter Funding Unsuccessful for Ecco the Dolphin man Ed Annunziata

But there's a plan b.

Ed Annunziata, the man who made Ecco the Dolphin, has been unsuccessful on Kickstarter. He had hoped to raise $665,000 to fund his new Ecco-style game The Big Blue, but he managed to attract just $55,764.

He's not giving up though, he's downsizing his goal to make a smaller, cheaper version of the same game so you can play it and be convinced about what he's trying to make.

Oh, how about a dolphin fashion game instead?

"I am absolutely certain that if you could try the game and see how beautiful and unique it will be, most people would not hesitate to back it, and will want to be involved in it's creation," he wrote on Kickstarter.

"If you can play Little Blue and feel it you will have much less doubts about the Big Blue."

Little Blue will have one payable dolphin plus another unknown sea creature. There will be song mechanics, two "very large" environments to explore, private ocean environments (bases) and 10 or more "significant creatures" including at least one leviathan, ooh.

It'll be free, and it'll link directly to the Kickstarter campaign of, you guessed it, The Big Blue, Part 2.