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Next Xbox to be released in "early November" - report

Lower-priced subscription model costs $299, then $10 per month.

Microsoft will release its new under-wraps Xbox console in early November, a fresh report has suggested.

The information comes from veteran Microsoft analyst Paul Thurrot, who previously leaked the console's 21st May announcement date.

'It's so good I want to punch myself!'

Thurrot also previously claimed that the new Xbox would be released at two specific price points - $499 and $299 - with the latter including some form of subscription.

That subscription will be a fixed two-year Xbox Live Gold commitment, Thurrot has now said, priced around $10 a month. This price option is the most costly over time, although will obviously be a cheaper initial outlay.

We now know a fair amount about the hardware inside Microsoft's next Xbox, although relatively little about the games being cooked up for it.

After an initial taster on 21st May, the full launch line-up will be announced by Microsoft in its E3 press conference, Thurrot says.

"On Tuesday May 21st, we'll mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment," Microsoft teased yesterday. "On that day, we'll share our vision for Xbox, and give you a real taste of the future."