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Kachina is the latest game to be backed by the Indie Fund

Swallow! Spit! Grow!

The Indie Fund - the organisation started by Jonathan Blow, Kellee Santiago and other industry luminaries that backed such titles as Antichamber, Dear Esther and QUBE - has announced the latest title to be added to its roster with Kachina.

Kachina is a pet project by Ben Esposito, a level designer at Giant Sparrow who worked on The Unfinished Swan. Kachina's Katamari-esque premise has players control a hole in the ground that grows bigger as it swallows up items and animals, not unlike that 3D Tron-like universe Homer visits in The Simpsons' sixth Treehouse of Horrors. Unlike said mysterious hole, the one in Kachina can spit items back out.

Originally developed for Molyjam - a 48 hour game jam inspired by the Peter Molyneux parody Twitter account, PeterMolydeux - Kachina is named after spirit beings in Pueblo cosmology and according to the Indie Fund's description, it "takes place on the stage of the American Southwest, exploring the relationship between modern American and indigenous Pueblo cultures through themes of erasure and discovery."

Kachina is being developed for PC, Mac and iOS. No release date has been set.

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