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Annapurna Interactive launching stunning PS4 mega-bundle to celebrate fifth anniversary

Edith Finch! Outer Wilds! Gorogoa! More!

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher behind the critically acclaimed likes of What Remains of Edith Finch and Outer Wilds, has announced a pair of special fifth anniversary box set bundles for PlayStation 4, gathering up eight of its celebrated games.

There are minor presentational and price differences between the two bundles (be warned that neither is cheap), but the included titles remain the same across each.

There's Ben Esposito's story based physics puzzler Donut County, Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi's Wattam, Giant Sparrow's powerful narrative adventure What Remains of Edith Finch, Simogo's musical arcade masterpiece Sayonara Wild Hearts, Cardboard Computer's hauntingly surreal Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, and Eurogamer's video game pick of 2019, Outer Wilds, from Mobius Digital.

The Annapurna Interactive Deluxe PS4 Limited Edition.

And that's not quite everything, either; Annapurna is also including Sam Barlow's investigatory FMV mystery Telling Lies and Buried Signal's dizzyingly intricate puzzler Gorogoa, marking the first time either will be getting a physical release on PS4.

As for the two bundle variants, the all-singing, all-dancing version (it does neither but you get the point) is the Annapurna Interactive Deluxe PS4 Limited Edition, which comes in an "ultra premium", custom-designed folio package, and features a foreword from the publisher's founder and exclusive statements from the creators of each included game.

The slightly cheaper, but still incredibly fancy, Ultimate PS4 Collection.
And a peek at the gorgeous covers inside.

This one is limited to 2,000 copies, is exclusively available through iam8bit, and weighs in at $199.99 USD. Coming in at a slightly less pricey $179.99 is the Annapurna Interactive Ultimate PS4 Collection, set in an "elegant box set with exclusive cover sheets" and also available in currently unspecified limited quantities. Interested parties can apparently pre-order the latter from retailers around the world from today.

UK pricing and release dates beyond "Q4 2020" are still to be confirmed at the time of writing.