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Donut County resembles Katamari Damacy with a bottomless pit

From an Unfinished Swan and Perfect Stride dev.

Last year I wrote about a game called Kachina, which was at the time the latest project to be backed by the Indie Fund collective of angel investors / game developers. Now, that project has been rebranded as Donut County.

The newly titled oddity recalls the Katamari series where you control a comical hazard that grows as it consumes, but instead of a big ball of everything the destructive force in Donut County is a bottomless pit.

Donut County is the work of Ben Esposito, who may not be a household name, but has worked on some really impressive projects like the paint-based puzzler The Unfinished Swan, the first-person skateboarding game Perfect Stride, and the bats*** insane Bubsy 3d: Bubsy visits the James Turrell Retrospective. Check out more of Esposito's (mostly free) work on his personal portfolio page.

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