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Professor Layton, Ni No Kuni developer Level-5 announces work on new PlayStation 4 game

Esther another Ni No Kuni in the works?

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Japanese developer Level-5, creator of the Professor Layton series and the excellent Studio Ghibli collaboration Ni No Kuni, has confirmed it is working on a new PlayStation 4 game.

Company boss Akihiro Hino revealed the project during an interview with Japanese site Nikkei Trendy (translated by Gematsu).

"It's still in the planning stages, but we are also working on a PlayStation 4 title," Hino teased. "We might be able to announce it soon."

Level-5 is currently investigating the PlayStation 4's focus on social features, Hino added.

"PlayStation 4 is next-gen hardware built with the network in mind, so more than graphics performance and specs, we need to think about communication - how to use the network features."

It's unclear how much Ni No Kuni has sold - it shifted at least 500,000 copies in Japan, while another 164,000 units were shipped for the game's recent Western release.

The game topped the UK charts back in January, with the stock that filtered through quickly selling out.

Professor Layton, Level-5's other big series, has traditionally had its home on Nintendo consoles. The latest title, 3DS adventure Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, is reportedly the last to feature the series' main character in a starring role.

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