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Third-person shooter God Mode launches today on Steam and XBLA

Arrives on North American PSN next Tuesday.

Third-person multiplayer shooter God Mode is out today on Steam and XBLA and will arrive next Tuesday for North American PSN users. It's priced at £6.99 /$9.99 / 800 MS points.

No European PSN release has been announced.

Developed by new studio Old School Games, a subsidiary of Saber Interactive, God Mode is a hell-themed arena shooter with an emphasis on ridiculous mayhem. As detailed by Old School Games producer Nick Madonna on the US PlayStation Blog, God Mode is almost completely devoid of story, but Madonna feels like this liberates the creative process for the shooter. "When you tell a game designer to 'go nuts without thinking about story,' something unique and original begins to take shape," he explained.

One of God Modes most unique ideas is a series of challenge modes called "Tests of Faith" that alter the rulesets. These range from simple cosmetic changes like adorning players with party hats, to beneficial aids like infinite ammo and random moments of invulnerability, to chaotic setings like a mode that makes it so player's weapons change every two seconds. The Tests of Faith "drastically change the strategy for each stage and can turn a frustrating level into a cakewalk and vice versa," Madonna noted. He then went on to make the best Freudian slip ever in a press release when he referred to his own game as "God Hand." But hey, who doesn't secretly wish they played a part in Shinji Mikami's cult classic?

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