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Mirror's Edge footage shows off Oculus Rift support

Not too dicey to hope for this in the sequel?

Footage of famed free-running adventure Mirror's Edge has been posted online that shows the game working with the Oculus Rift headset.

The first-person viewpoint of Mirror's Edge appears to be a natural fit for the Rift's virtual reality visor.

It's a little difficult to watch on the below YouTube stream, although if can make yourself go cross-eyed, Magic Eye-style, the footage can be watched in stereoscopic 3D.

Mirror's Edge is such a good fit, it begs the question of whether its developer DICE is thinking of Rift support for its rumoured sequel.

In the meantime, Rift owners can get Mirror's Edge working by installing Vierio Perception and its FOV mod (thanks, PCGamesN).

Developer kits began shipping out at the end of March. Valve recently announced Rift support for Team Fortress 2.

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