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Tax Evaders is a fun browser game about corporate tax evasion

Shoot down corporations and make them pay their fair share.

Molleindustria won the Grand Jury Award at IndieCade last year for Unmanned, which took us through a day in the monotonous life of a drone pilot, and now it's made a game about corporate tax evasion.

Tax Evaders casts you as a group of individuals trying to shoot down corporations - portrayed as alien space ships with corporate logos on them - before they escape and fail to pay their fair share. Let too many of them slide by and the social services you're so desperately trying to protect will fall into ruin. This is represented by a city in the background consisting of a school, hospital, bridge, fire station and park that get repaired or fall into disarray based on your performance.

Importantly, these aren't just fictitious evil corporations like we see in so many games, but actual real thriving companies like Citibank, General Electric, BP and Exxon. I don't want to spoil the ending, suffice to say that once you bring the flying ship in-game corporations to justice, you're prompted with a way to do the same with their real life counterparts in the meatspace.

Tax Evaders may be clever and political, but it's also just plain funny, such as when you're told, "Oh no! the government is trying to fix capitalism with more capitalism!"

Though short and shallow from an arcade game perspective, Tax Evaders is still fun, clever and actually has something to say. Play it at

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