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Bethesda reveals video teaser, possibly Wolfenstein, possibly Project Zwei

Can you guess what id is?

Bethesda has revealed a short, untitled video teaser for a new project.

Recent leaks have pointed to a new Wolfenstein game being in development. Alternatively, the teaser could be for Project Zwei, the new Shinji Mikami survival horror that Bethesda is overseeing.

The video, posted on Bethesda's Vine account, shows quick glimpses of barbed wire and a record spinning - it looks like Johann Sebastian Bach's famous Air on the G String.

The rumoured new Wolfenstein game is said to be "Project Tungsten", the under-wraps game currently in development at ZeniMax Sweden, formerly MachineGames. The outfit was founded in 2009 by members of The Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness developer Starbreeze Studios.

The Wolfenstein name popped up on an employee's quickly-removed resume earlier this year - that of composer Julian Beeston. The game's release date was listed as "2013".

We last heard of Shinji Mikami's Project Zwei around a year ago, when a solitary slice of concept art was teased. Development was said to still be at an early stage.

Watch the short clip below.