Wolfenstein 3D

Food's alright really, isn't it? It tastes nice, stops us from dying and helps keep TV chefs from getting into trouble - let's face it, Gordon Ramsay would just be an angry man yelling in a bus shelter if it weren't for the food industry.

Legendary and maybe part-machine programmer John Carmack will receive this year's BAFTA Fellowship award, joining the likes of Gabe Newell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright and many others. He'll receive the award at the BAFTA Games Awards 7th April in London - an event happening alongside EGX Rezzed.

PSN update: VidZone launches today

PSN update: VidZone launches today

Also: Puzzle Quest! WipEout! Wolfenstein!

There be treasure on the PlayStation Store today, lead by the free online music video streaming service VidZone.

Futuristic Puzzle Quest sequel Galactrix finally shows up, as does Wolfenstein 3D. Both are out on Xbox Live Arcade but we've only reviewed Puzzle Quest: Galactrix so far. SEGA's Gunstar Heroes is up for grabs, as is a demo for the black-hearted Overlord II, which tramples peasants with whimsy.

The PSP is offered a quartet of previously UMD-only games - the best being WipEout Pulse - and there's a slew of content for existing PS3 games.

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