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January 2012 Archive

    1. Humble Indie Bundle heads to Android
    2. Bungie sets a date for final Halo handover
    3. 5th Cell details Hybrid changes, shows new trailer
    4. Darksiders prequel novel announced
    5. Prototype 2 Radnet Edition grants "hours of additional gameplay"
    6. SWTOR 1.1.1 patch notes in, servers return
    7. Buy Dragon's Dogma, play Resident Evil 6 demo first
    8. Dark Souls dev sorry for frame-rate issues, uncertain on sequel
    9. Wii U hardware "changing constantly" says Team Ninja
    10. SoulCalibur 5 Review
    11. Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai release date
    12. Half-Life 3 fan campaign staging mass gameplay session
    13. Fans pick apart canonical errors in Mass Effect: Deception book
    14. Risen 2 pre-order bonus DLC revealed
    15. Gunpoint Preview: Rewiring the Action Puzzle Game
    16. Troubled THQ risks falling off Nasdaq listing
    17. Mass Effect 3 cover-camping a no-no on Hardcore, Insanity
    18. App of the Day: Solomon's Boneyard
    19. Miyamoto concentrates on conjuring Nintendo's next "big hit"
    20. EA forums were "defaced by a hacker"
    21. NeverDead Review
    22. Origin sale offers Mass Effect 1 and Dead Space 1 for £3
    23. Original EverQuest goes free-to-play
    24. Angry Birds boss: piracy isn't always a bad thing
    25. Subscription MMOs aren't dying, says LOTRO maker Turbine
    26. 3D Classics Kid Icarus on 3DS eShop this week
    27. Triple Town maker suing "illegal" copycat dev
    28. Alice: Madness Returns, Gothic 4 demos now playable on Eurogamer
    29. Another developer accuses Zynga of game cloning
    30. SSX online pass confirmed, detailed
    31. 1000-player FPS claims new world record
    32. Kingdoms of Amalur Preview: Action Speaks Louder
    1. Cave announces Mushihimesama HD
    2. Nintendo hints at paid Super Mario 3D Land DLC
    3. PSN offline Thursday afternoon until Friday morning
    4. Digital Foundry vs. HDMI video
    5. PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide
    6. Iwata: Nintendo won't be drawn into expensive tech race with Wii U
    7. Microsoft France: no new Xbox in 2012
    8. RedLynx: "real fans" will want to wait for the finished Trials Evolution
    9. Sony "will probably be the last to announce" next-gen plans
    10. Ghost Recon Preview: Rebuilding the Future Soldier
    11. Battlefield 3 dev DICE hiring an "Anti-Cheat Administrator"
    12. Trials Evolution leaked
    13. Final Fantasy 13-2 Review
    14. BioWare discussing European SWTOR maintenance windows
    15. App of the Day: Monsters Ate My Condo
    16. App of the Day: Doodle God
    17. FlatOut 3 developer making three 3DS games
    18. App of the Day: Whale Trail Challenge Pack
    19. Brink developer Splash Damage hires Enslaved lead gameplay programmer
    20. Maxis job mentions "triple-A simulation" game
    21. UK Top 40: Resident Evil: Revelations lands sixth
    22. Capcom announces Ace Attorney 5 in development
    23. Pilotwings for VC this Friday!
    24. Battlefield 3: EA overturning "faulty" PunkBuster bans
    25. Microsoft moves to seize fake Halo 4 beta website
    26. Curt Schilling defends Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass
    27. Retrospective: Max Payne 2
    1. Fear of Failure
    2. Sony US announces Vita 3G memory card bundle
    3. The Making of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD
    4. App of the Day: Feed That Dragon
    5. Game of the Week: Quarrel
    1. Quarrel XBLA exposes baffling Microsoft word filter
    2. Apple "outraged" by New York Times Foxconn report
    3. The Binding of Isaac: Unholy Edition gets retail release
    4. Laptops with built-in Kinect sensors coming - report
    5. Assessing COD Elite
    6. 3DS Circle Pad Pro Review
    7. Kingdoms of Amalur online pass hides 7 single player quests
    8. TERA publisher "rejects" NCsoft lawsuit
    9. Eve Online: A Year in the Life
    10. Behind the beak of Club Penguin: would you let your child play?
    11. Sony puts a PlayStation Vita in every GAME and Gamestation
    12. PixelJunk Eden heads to Steam
    13. Tiger Woods nabs Wayne Rooney DLC
    14. WipEout 2048 Review
    15. App of the Day: Triple Town
    16. Insomniac explains departure from Resistance series
    17. Nintendo: market is now waiting for new home consoles
    18. Super Mario 3D Land first 3DS game to sell over 5m
    19. SoulCalibur 5 DLC revealed
    20. SoulCalibur 5 Preview: Getting Its Edge Back
    21. Mega Man and Pac-Man PS3/Vita exclusives for Street Fighter x Tekken
    22. Activision: why Xbox 360 gets Call of Duty Elite maps first
    23. Nintendo Network for Wii U and 3DS revealed
    24. Infinity Ward: Gamertag-locked MW3 COD Elite maps "unintentional"
    25. Nintendo announces new side-scrolling 3DS Mario game
    26. App of the Day: Temple Run
    27. App of the Day: Run Roo Run
    28. App of the Day: Breeze
    29. Iwata: Nintendo "proved" handheld naysayers were wrong
    30. Capcom botches Resident Evil: Revelations packaging
    1. Aliens: Colonial Marines delayed until Autumn
    2. Valve announces Steam smartphone app
    3. NCsoft attempts to block TERA's launch
    4. THQ confirms new round of lay-offs
    5. Rayman Origins for PC announced
    6. Why Apple doesn't do more to improve Foxconn working conditions - report
    7. The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 release date announced
    8. More detail on LOTRO Riders of Rohan expansion
    9. A Science Fiction Saga Preview: A Modern Adventure
    10. Podcast #97: Testing Games With Science
    11. Meet the £100 GameGadget handheld that has own retro download store
    12. Gotham City Imposters public beta released
    13. Reckoning dev's biggest concern is you're still playing Skyrim
    14. Yoshinori Ono outlines vision for next-gen Street Fighter
    15. LOTRO expansion Riders of Rohan has mounted combat
    16. Why Tomb Raider won't release on Wii U
    17. Insomniac confirms it won't make more Resistance games
    18. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PC release still planned
    19. Boxed version of Alan Wake PC revealed
    20. Modern Warfare 3 Title Update 8 released on Xbox Live
    21. PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond UK release date
    22. COD Elite-issued MW3 maps locked to one XBL Gamertag
    23. Wii U will launch in US, Europe, Australia and Japan by end of 2012
    24. Nintendo slashes sales forecasts, expects bigger losses than feared
    1. Notch asks permission to spy on your Minecraft habits
    2. Capcom opens restaurant, shows off absurd menu
    3. Terraria gets Collector's Edition, retail release
    4. Microsoft details Windows Phone 7 games push
    5. Mass Effect 3 DLC included with new art book
    6. Huge Final Fantasy sale on EU PlayStation Store this week
    7. Next Xbox will use Blu-ray - report
    8. Resident Evil 6 is Capcom's biggest ever production
    9. New Hitman novel announced
    10. Namco announces new PS3-exclusive RPG Tokitowa
    11. PlayStation Vita Japan sales slowest yet
    12. Magicka publisher: DRM is "a waste of money"
    13. Capcom confirms Street Fighter x Tekken free post-launch tournament support mode patch
    14. Legit Battlefield 3 gamers banned via PunkBuster exploit
    15. BioShock Infinite: This is Hardcore
    16. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo bugs won't be in final game, dev vows
    17. Official Metal Gear Solid 3DS acessories coming to UK
    18. Quarrel Review
    19. No BlizzCon 2012 this autumn
    20. Mr Miyagi is a boss in Vita game Reality Fighters
    21. SNK developing new Neo-Geo portable
    22. THQ recommits to core games amid long-term health fears
    23. Xbox 360 to retain redeemable codes following MS Points phase out
    24. Zynga blasted after launching Tiny Tower clone
    25. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock PlayStation exclusive in Europe
    26. Retrospective: Okami
    27. Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS stand coming to UK
    28. You can make Lightning a Final Fantasy 13-2 party member
    29. Next Xbox GPU based on £50 Radeon HD 6670 card - report
    30. Warp PC, PSN release date announced
    31. Dustforce Review
    1. Apple sells 37m iPhones, 15m iPads in three months
    2. FIFA Street release date announced
    3. Modern Warfare 3 DLC schedule for 2012 revealed
    4. ModNation Racers Vita dev "looking at" online head-to-head patch
    5. Namco announces Inversion delay
    6. Minecraft Lego officially in development
    7. Asura's Wrath Preview: Rage Against the Machine
    8. UK PC download chart to launch next month
    9. Jak and Daxter Trilogy release date announced
    10. QuakeCon 2012 dates announced
    11. Rebellion: gamers are ready for WWII revival
    12. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has "best" combat of any RPG - Rolston
    13. EA secures more third party support for Origin
    14. Darksiders 2 Preview: Looting the Classics
    15. GameStop closes Northern Ireland stores
    16. Brink dev Splash Damage announcing new games in 2012
    17. Naughty Dog "disheartened" when games' stories are easily branded "amazing"
    18. Syndicate Xbox Live demo release date
    19. Introducing App of the Day
    20. Counter-Strike 1.6 running on Android devices now
    21. Notch: Mojang isn't really "indie" any more
    22. Sega names new UK studio
    23. HBO options TV rights to Indie Game: The Movie
    24. RuneScape bot developers "neutered" in court battle
    25. Microsoft staffing up two new Kinect studios
    26. Why ModNation Racers Vita has no online head-to-head mode
    27. XCOM: Enemy Unknown to appeal to action, RPG and RTS gamers
    28. How Mass Effect 3 will be easier on series newcomers
    29. Resident Evil: Revelations should have number in title - producer
    30. Microsoft to phase out Microsoft Points by end of the year - report
    31. Sony mulls PS3 microtransactions, item trading for Dust 514
    32. Warriors Orochi 3 European release date announced
    33. Scarygirl Review
    1. Tetris was the best-selling PSN game of 2011
    2. Mass Effect 3 action figures to come with exclusive DLC
    3. PC users invited to beta test Skyrim 1.4 update
    4. Megaupload founder among world's top Modern Warfare 3 players
    5. Xbox Live Arcade House Party schedule confirmed
    6. Capcom Digital Collection release date announced
    7. EMI "hidden gems" for Grand Theft Auto 5 music
    8. Free Wi-Fi for 3DS gamers at major UK airports
    9. GTA5, COD to account for quarter of all year's game sales - report
    10. BASIC Instinct: A New Golden Age Of UK Development?
    11. Project Cars Wii U version confirmed
    12. Project Cars Preview
    13. Ofcom slaps ITV over Arma 2 Gaddafi gaffe
    14. Hacked PS3 games running on Vita via Remote Play
    15. Ice White, Coral Pink 3DS price hiked
    16. Twisted Metal demo, day one patch confirmed
    17. HMV secures bank rescue package
    18. Two new DoDonPachi titles coming from Cave
    19. Balloon Kid soars onto Nintendo eShop this week
    20. UK Top 40: FIFA 12 highest-grossing sports video game ever
    21. Blizzard investigating product placement in next MMO
    22. Resident Evil 6 six-player co-op confirmed?
    23. Guild Wars 2 open beta begins in March
    24. Syphon Filter 4 out winter 2012, UK mag claims
    25. Microsoft: Xbox 360 exclusives need "quality" not quantity
    26. Turkish indie announces PlayStation 3 exclusive Quadratum Mortis
    27. Diablo 3's senior game producer departs Blizzard
    28. Haunt Review
    1. Tech Analysis: Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    2. Trends of 2012: Social Gaming
    1. Sonic CD races to the top of December PSN chart
    2. Controversial SOPA piracy bill shelved in the US
    3. Is the PlayStation Vita worth £230?
    4. How to get the snake-skin Metal Gear Solid 3DS
    5. Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 gets Euro release
    6. Minecraft could be the first 360 game to see constant updates
    7. Final Fantasy 13-2 Demo Analysis
    8. BioWare details incoming SWTOR features
    9. Big changes to Diablo 3 detailed, more to come
    10. Resident Evil 6 Trailer: Blow By Blow
    11. Microsoft acknowledges colour issues with Xbox 360 update
    12. Resident Evil 6 logo leaked - report
    13. Harmonix announces Dance Central 2 Dance*Cam
    14. Trends of 2012: The Rise of the Smart TV
    15. Minecraft jungle biome, creatures coming soon
    16. BioWare fixes Old Republic Valor exploit
    17. Alienware unveils its first small and cheap gaming PC, the X51
    18. PopCap to shut down Baking Life
    19. Sony: 3DS proves that people want gaming handhelds
    20. Anno 2070's weirdo DRM is working as intended
    21. Microsoft sells 8.2 million Xbox 360s in Q2
    22. hacked, 21,000 users' details stolen
    23. US government shuts down
    1. Capcom announces Resident Evil 6
    2. More SWTOR controversy as unsubscribe tab disappears
    3. Skyrim update 1.4 detailed in full
    4. Ed Boon reveals Mortal Kombat Vita features
    5. Sony considered ditching Vita analogue sticks
    6. PSP JRPG Fate/EXTRA to get European release
    7. 41% of laid-off UK developers have left the country - report
    8. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Achievement list leaks
    9. Sony Ericsson posts €247 million loss
    10. Sonic games, DLC release on PC today
    11. Shank 2 release date announced
    12. Developers' Games of 2011
    13. Developers' Most Anticipated Games of 2012
    14. From Dust/Beyond Good and Evil/Outland triple pack spotted
    15. Trends of 2012: What the Analysts Say
    16. Fan feedback prompts BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode
    17. New Trials Evolution video shows multiplayer and track editor
    18. Another World coming to Android
    19. Soulcalibur iPhone released, costs £9.99
    20. Smash Cops Review
    21. Skyrim mod replaces dragons with My Little Pony
    22. Rising Star Games announces 2012 release schedule
    23. Microsoft adds Achievements to Visual Studio software
    24. Zumba Fitness series sales hit six million
    25. Mass Effect 3 PC system requirements
    26. Zynga buys up another bundle of game studios
    27. Platinum thought offer to make Metal Gear Rising was a joke
    28. Infinity Ward mentions "next generation" in job posting
    29. Inside Activision on the day Modern Warfare 3 leaked
    30. Key US politicians withdraw support for SOPA and PIPA
    31. Valor exploit in SWTOR update 1.1 causes player uproar
    1. Sega launches official Sonic store
    2. Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time gets Western release
    3. New Warhammer 40K: Space Marine DLC announced
    4. Doom returns to Xbox Live Arcade
    5. Japan chart: Vita crawls past 500k mark
    6. Indie horror Deadlight announced for XBLA
    7. Is Capcom teasing Resident Evil 6?
    8. Mario Party 9 release date announced
    9. Trends of 2012: Indie Games
    10. Mass Effect 3 demo coming next month
    11. Warriors Orochi 3 to get Western release
    12. Trends of 2012: Handheld Gaming
    13. Star Wars: The Old Republic update 1.1 delayed
    14. Jeff Minter's latest oddity hits the App Store
    15. Metal Gear Rising playable demo at E3 2012
    16. Arc the Lad, Uncharted 3 DLC head EU PSN Store update
    17. Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS demo release date
    18. Konami to "dissolve" Hudson Soft
    19. Xbox 360 "entertainment apps" usage up 50% post dash update
    20. Xbox Live on the blink across Europe
    1. Amy developer responds to critical mauling
    2. Ubisoft shuts down Vancouver studio
    3. Starhawk gets US release date
    4. CCP discusses Eve Online's future development
    5. New Uncharted 3 DLC dated and detailed
    6. Six new fighters for Street Fighter X Tekken
    7. Fatal Frame 3DS spin-off gets a US release
    8. Podcast #96: Star Wars The Old Republic
    9. Mortal Kombat Vita due this Spring
    10. Rockstar hiring for "next-gen console" project
    11. Hero Academy Review
    12. Thief 4 has online, runs on Unreal Engine 3?
    13. Max Payne 3 release date delayed until May
    14. Websites protest against SOPA
    15. Best Android Gaming Smartphones
    16. Quarrel Xbox Live Arcade release date
    17. Nintendo won't fix Mario Kart 7 track glitch
    18. "A Call for Communication (Half-Life)" Steam Group passes 10,000 members
    1. Minecraft hits 20 million users, 4.66 million sales
    2. Remedy "proud" of Rockstar's "brilliant" Max Payne 3
    3. iPad 3 March release date evidence builds
    4. Dead Island Ryder White DLC release date, price
    5. PC Mass Effect 3 requires Origin, excludes Steam
    6. Arc The Lad European PSN store release date
    7. The Last Stories
    8. Download Prince of Persia on Wii, 3DS this week
    9. Xbox Live fraud: security secretly tightened - report
    10. THQ denies cancelling 2014 line-up of games
    11. UK Top 40: FIFA 12 leads for a fourth week
    12. Soulcalibur iPhone, iPad release date
    1. Game of the Break: Super Crate Box
    1. Alan Wake's American Nightmare is "4-5 hours long"
    2. ModNation Racers Vita has no online head-to-head mode
    3. Double Fine's Happy Action Theatre release date
    4. Cave Story DSiWare delay explained
    5. Stylish Vita platformer Sumioni heading West
    6. Rift subscription prices lowered
    7. Starhawk public beta begins next week
    8. Dead Rising 2 developer working on new IP
    9. Vita/PS3 RPG Ruin gets a new name
    10. Kid Icarus: Uprising bundled with 3DS stand in Japan
    11. Tropico 4 DLC Modern Times costs 1200 Microsoft Points
    12. Agent of Change: Hitman Absolution Preview
    13. Laid-off programmer details "unlawful" last days at Bodycount studio
    14. Dark Souls PC petition gets Namco Bandai's attention
    15. Is this the hack used to exploit Xbox Live accounts?
    16. Just Dance 3 sells 7 million, franchise 25 million
    17. Crush3D Review
    18. AIAS 2011 nominees for 'video game Oscars' revealed
    19. More Wii U details before E3, Nintendo hints
    20. Sony Tablet S/Tablet P Review
    21. Modern Warfare 3, Xbox 360 top US 2011 charts
    1. Vita shooter Unit 13 release date announced
    2. Eurogamer Reader Survey: Thank You!
    3. Sony: UK Move sales in 2011 should have been better
    4. Ninja Gaiden 3 collector's edition detailed
    5. Konami confirms Silent Hill release dates
    6. Armored Core V release date announced
    7. BioWare dates SWTOR patch 1.1, details future Game Updates
    8. Sony encouraged by strong 3DS sales
    9. Minecraft 1.1 update out now
    10. CD Projekt Red to "immediately cease" threatening alleged Witcher 2 pirates
    11. DICE intensifies Battlefield 3 cheating crackdown
    12. From Dust PC patch to remove DRM
    13. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets PC patch
    14. Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.11 released
    15. The Witcher 2 patch 1.35 released
    16. Killzone 3 patch 1.12 detailed
    17. Beefy Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC patch
    18. Dead Island patch for launch
    19. Dead Island PC patch may wipe saves
    20. Killing Deathwing in WOW Patch 4.3
    21. WOW Patch 4.3 hits PTR "soon"
    22. PC Battlefield: Bad Company 2 CR11 patch
    23. Mortal Kombat patch notes released
    24. Hard Reset patch goes live
    25. Shogun 2 Rise of Samurai patch notes
    26. The Witcher 2 2.0 patch notes
    27. FIFA 12 console patch in 2-3 weeks
    28. Dead Island PC patch 1.3 released
    29. Battlefield 3 patch on day one
    30. F1 2011 patch detailed
    31. Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim patch 1.1 at launch
    32. Dead Island PS3/360 patch date and details
    33. Huge FIFA 12 PS3 and Xbox 360 patch out today
    34. Rage PC patch adds graphics features
    35. Resistance 3 patch 1.05 announced
    36. Dead Island patch released on Steam
    37. FIFA 12 console patch released
    38. Rift From the Embers patch 1.6 release notes
    39. Skyrim patch due week beginning 28th November
    40. F1 2011 patch goes live today
    41. Skyrim PC patch disables RAM-boosting LAA mode
    42. Huge Battlefield 3 PC patch notes detailed
    43. Dark Souls patch 1.05 released, notes
    44. Splinter Cell Trilogy HD patch adds inverted aim
    45. Minecraft 1.0 launch patch notes
    46. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection patch "around" 6th Dec
    47. Battlefield 3: IRNV and flashlight nerfs due in a later patch
    48. Uncharted 3 1.02 patch notes revealed
    49. Players report Skyrim PlayStation 3 patch out now
    50. Eve Online Crucible patch notes released
    51. World of Warcraft patch 4.3 Hour of Twilight notes
    52. PC Assassin's Creed: Revelations day one patch
    53. Skyrim patch 1.2 has resistance-breaking bug
    54. Battlefield 3 PS3 patch release notes
    55. PC Batman: Arkham City patch released on Steam
    56. Total War: Shogun 2 patch released, noted
    57. New Skyrim patch, PC dev tools incoming
    58. December PES 2012 patch notes
    59. Hefty Battlefield 3 PC patch due tomorrow
    60. King of Fighters 13 netcode patch in the works
    61. Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection patch released
    62. Huge 2.07GB Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 patch notes
    63. Skyrim patch 1.3 on Xbox Live now
    64. SWTOR "/getdown" dance exploit patch tomorrow
    65. SWTOR patch 1.1 notes: new content
    66. Cross-realm World of Warcraft raids in patch 4.3.2
    67. Huge Duke Nukem PC patch live
    68. Duke Nukem PC patch increases gun slots
    69. COD: Black Ops PC and PS3 patch released
    70. Free DLC with Witcher 2 patch 1.3
    71. Skyrim PS3 lag to be addressed in patch 1.4
    72. Pokemon Video Game National Championships dates announced
    73. New Google TVs will have OnLive built in
    74. Michael Jackson: The Experience Review
    75. Star Wars The Old Republic: My Story, Your Story, Everyone's Story
    76. UK 2011 Modern Warfare 3 sales lower than 2010 Black Ops sales
    77. Choplifter HD Review
    78. Stalker 2 not cancelled says dev GSC
    79. BioWare SWTOR post-mortem: it's more innovative than an FPS
    80. Japan chart: 3DS races out of the blocks in 2012
    81. Naruto notches 10 million worldwide sales
    82. Call of Duty Elite iOS app out tomorrow
    1. The Darkness 2 demo hits Xbox Live next week
    2. Capcom has "big plans" for Street Fighter's 25th birthday
    3. Gaikai predicts Sony or Microsoft to bow out of next gen
    4. Dark Souls DLC in the works - report
    5. Hirai cold on download-only future for PlayStation
    6. Hard times force Cave to refocus on social games
    7. New Gran Turismo 5 DLC announced
    8. Resident Evil: Revelations StreetPass details
    9. Asura's Wrath Xbox Live demo available now
    10. Sony closes Little Deviants developer
    11. Mass Effect 3 Kingdoms of Amalur cross-promotion
    12. Alan Wake's American Nightmare release date
    13. Bethesda downplays id Software layoffs
    14. Blizzard dilutes Diablo 3 console confirmation
    15. Amy Review
    16. Amy headlines EU PlayStation Store update
    17. The best selling UK video games of 2011
    18. First £20 Raspberry Pi PCs arriving January
    19. Govt to axe boring school ICT courses from September
    20. Final Fantasy 13-2 demo released on Xbox Live
    21. Kaz Hirai denies PS4 announcement at E3 2012
    22. Touch My Katamari Review
    1. Kid Icarus: Uprising gets Circle Pad Pro support
    2. Sony sold half a million PlayStation 2s this Christmas
    3. Workers at Xbox 360 plant threaten mass suicide
    4. World of Goo hits 1 million App Store downloads
    5. Razer unmasks Project Fiona
    6. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier delayed until May
    7. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 release date
    8. First Modern Warfare 3 DLC release date and details
    9. BioWare: "most" people aren't having SWTOR performance issues
    10. Podcast #95: PlayStation Vita Q&A
    11. Scribblenauts dev announces Run Roo Run
    12. Homefront Ultimate Edition announced
    13. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D release date
    14. Diablo 3 console release confirmed
    15. Boom Street Review
    16. Vita slower to 500,000 sales than 3DS
    17. Free-to-play EverQuest 2 transition triggers "amazing growth"
    18. AC: Revelations Mediterranean Traveller Map Pack release date
    19. Hardware Focus: Acer HN274H 3D Monitor
    20. Preparing your PC for Battlefield 3
    21. Steering Wheel Group Review
    22. These Robotic Hearts of Mine Review
    23. Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer Review
    24. PSP E-1000 Review
    25. 3D Vision 2/Asus VG278H Review
    26. European Wii sales pass 30 million mark
    27. "Near mode" Kinect for Windows priced, dated
    28. Updated Xbox 360, Kinect, Live worldwide sales numbers
    29. Inside Adventure Games
    1. Mojang rethinking Minecraft: Pocket Edition
    2. First XCOM: Enemy Unknown screens, details
    3. Fallout MMO rights revert to Bethesda
    4. Aliens: Colonial Marines special edition contents leaked - report
    5. Silent Hill HD Collection delayed
    6. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition confirmed
    7. Kingdoms of Amalur system requirements revealed
    8. EA faces trademark dispute over Battlefield 3 helicopters
    9. Visceral "nerfed" tough Dead Space 2 levels
    10. Mythos Global open beta date
    11. Xbox Live Arcade House Party 2012 line-up
    12. Sony: we didn't say Kaz Hirai was president
    13. Twisted Metal UK release date
    14. Mighty Switch Force Review
    15. BioWare responds to SWTOR performance issues
    16. Doodle Fit on Nintendo eShop this week
    17. Lovefilm undercuts newcomer Netflix
    18. All Zombies Must Die! Review
    19. Netflix launched in UK and Ireland, pricing confirmed
    20. A January account of Xbox Live hacking and fraud
    21. Little Deviants Review
    1. Actual New Games of 2012
    2. Retrospective: Far Cry 2
    1. Media Molecule focusing on "new, risky innovations"
    2. What Went Wrong With The 360 Dashboard?
    3. Veni, Vidi, Vita
    4. Most played Xbox 360 games of 2011 revealed
    1. Online movement for Dark Souls PC port gathers pace
    2. Super Crate Box iOS update incoming
    3. Miyamoto confirms he's working on new "original" title
    4. 3DS breaks Japanese sales records
    5. Afterfall: Insanity Review
    6. Steam claims 100% sales growth in 2011
    7. Kaz Hirai to be named Sony president - report
    8. Scarygirl announced for PC, PSN, XBLA
    9. iPad 3 release in March, iPad 4 in October - report
    10. Final Fantasy 13-2 demo release date confirmed
    11. Free-to-play Star Trek Online available today for current and former subscribers
    12. 12 million "outdated" consoles lurk in UK homes - Asda
    13. PlayStation 4 also set for E3 2012 reveal?
    14. Xbox Live EA sale deals detailed
    15. Final Fantasy 13-2 demo coming to PSN
    16. QUBE Review
    1. Resident Evil: Revelations demo announced
    2. The Binding of Isaac "mega expansion" incoming
    3. Rift iOS app goes live
    4. Swedish government recognises file-sharing religion
    5. Infinity Blade franchise nets Epic $30 million
    6. Amy release date announced
    7. Gotham City Impostors delayed
    8. Ubisoft confirms Vita launch line-up
    9. Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced
    10. ESRB: Twisted Metal has scissor face-stabbing
    11. Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS Circle Pad Pro bundle exclusive to Zavvi
    12. Sega announces House of the Dead 3 and 4 HD exclusively for PSN
    13. UK boxed video game market fell in 2011
    14. Flatout 3: Chaos & Destruction Review
    15. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes announced
    16. UK Mass Effect 3 pre-order retailer deals
    17. Japanese games market shrunk 8% in 2011 despite 3DS launch
    18. Vita beaten by PSP for second week running
    19. SWTOR January 2012 PVP changes and beyond
    20. Choplifter HD release date announced
    21. Capcom, Ninja Theory on DmC versus Bayonetta
    22. Cthulu Saves the World on iOS, Android
    23. Meet the Griefers
    24. A Racing Milestone: Mud Preview
    25. Super Crate Box Review
    26. Retailer-exclusive Mass Effect 3 items detailed
    1. Tomb Raider developer working on new IP
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