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New Google TVs will have OnLive built in

Cloud surfing.

Cloud-based gaming service OnLive will be built into the new generation of Google TVs, OnLive has announced.

Google's Smart TV-based platform will come with the OnLive app pre-loaded, eventually replacing the need for OnLive's existing MicroConsole.

The Google TV app will, initially, only let users spectate on other people's games via OnLive's Viewer system. The service's social features will also be available.

"But hang in there, OnLive is working closely with Google to enable full gameplay with OnLive gamers from around the world on Google TV," OnLive chief executive Steve Perlman told Venture Beat. "And more Google TV devices are coming, with OnLive built right in."

US service OnLive was first switched on in 2010, before lauching in the UK at Eurogamer Expo 2011.

OnLive support for Android devices began rolling out last month, with an iOS version due to follow.

OnLive on a tablet.