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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 release date

EA details Tiger's Legacy feature and Collector's Edition.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 launches on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 30th March, publisher EA has announced.

This year's iteration of the long-running sports franchise offers 22 golfers and 16 championship courses as well as a number of new features, chief among them Kinect controls for Xbox 360 owners and Move controls on PS3.

The game's standard swing mechanic has also been revamped, with EA promising a more finely-tuned swing place, shot set-up and power control.

Another new feature is Tiger's Golf Legacy which lets you relive key moments from the cover star's career. Could be spicy.

Players will also be able to invite friends to join their own exclusive country club to gain quicker access to downloadable golf courses and compete against each other for the Club Championship title.

"Our fans asked us to deliver a new level of fidelity and authenticity to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 and our team delivered with the ability to literally choose millions of shot combinations through our new swing mechanic," commented EA's Mike Taramykin.

"Fans will now be able to experience unparalleled control on the virtual golf course."

Additionally, EA announced details of The Masters Collector's Edition, which adds exclusive access to Augusta National Golf Club's Tournament practice facility, Augusta National's famous Par 3 Course, a Green Jacket presentation sequence and five additional courses.

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