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Laptops with built-in Kinect sensors coming - report

Asus working with Microsoft on all-in-one hardware.

PC manufacturer Asus is reportedly collaborating with Microsoft on a new laptop featuring a built-in Kinect sensor.

Following news earlier this month that Microsoft is readying a PC Kinect SKU, The Daily claims to have seen prototypes of Windows 8-enabled Asus netbooks sporting a number of small sensors lined up above the screen.

Its source at Microsoft allegedly confirmed that said laptops did indeed feature Kinect functionality built in.

The report adds that it's unlikely Microsoft will make its own Kinect laptops in-house, instead choosing to license out the tech to third parties.

As revealed at the CES show in Las Vegas in early January, the standalone PC Kinect for Windows unit launches in the US on 1st February, priced at $249.

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