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THQ confirms new round of lay-offs

Insists its five internal studios are unaffected.

Publisher THQ has confirmed a fresh batch of redundancies.

The news follows a statement from the publisher earlier this week explaining that it was re-focussing its business away from licensed kids' IP. The job losses apparently reflect that shift.

"THQ confirms a reduction in force to the company's administration and publishing organisation," read a statement handed to Game Informer.

"As recently announced, the company is exiting the kids' licensed games category, and is focusing on its core game franchises and developing its digital initiatives.

"The streamlined organisation reflects the company's new strategy. THQ's five internal studios were not affected by this action."

It didn't offer a firm number for how many people are out of a job.

It's the second round of lay-offs at the publisher in as many months, with a number of staff on the uDraw team handed their P45s in December.

A report earlier this month, which THQ denied, suggested the publisher had cancelled its release slate for 2014 and beyond in preparation for a sell-off.