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THQ lays-off uDraw developers

30 redundant following poor sales of tablet peripheral.

THQ has laid-off 30 members of the uDraw development team following disappointing sales of the publisher's tablet peripheral.

As reported by GameInformer, that number includes unit leader Martin Good. All those affected worked at the Play THQ studio.

"Due to weaker than expected sales of the uDraw Game Tablet, we are taking a difficult but important step to reduce the number of employees that supported this brand," read a statement from the publisher.

"30 people will be leaving the company and business unit leader Martin Good will also be leaving to pursue new opportunities outside the company. This action will allow us to reduce costs, increase efficiency and increase the focus of our organisation."

Earlier this month, THQ announced it was lowering its revenue outlook by around 25 per cent following uDraws failure to meet internal expectations.