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uDraw dated for PS3/Xbox 360

THQ's Wii tablet gets major redesign.

THQ's uDraw peripheral arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this November.

The game tablet, which first launched on Wii late last year, is getting a redesign for HD consoles. You can expect a sleeker, more contemporary design compared to the the chunky Wii original, a more sensitive stylus, longer drawing time, and direct touch-screen control that incorporates pinch-and-stretch and rotation features.

THQ is also readying an updated version of its uDraw Studio package for the launch. uDraw Studio: Instant Artist offers new guided tutorials to teach the basics of art and design, as well as a more intuitive interface.

A number of other new titles are also due in the next six months, but THQ isn't saying what they are just yet.

"As soon as we introduced uDraw last year, Xbox 360 and PS3 fans began asking when they could experience it, too – and beginning this fall, they can," commented THQ CEO Brian Farrell.

"The uDraw offers amazing innovation and opens new doors of artistic possibility. There's no console-based artistic tool like it."

The add-on has been a quiet success story for THQ, shifting 1.7 million units on Wii since its November 2010 US launch.

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