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uDraw pencils in UK release date

THQ's Wii tablet arrives next month.

uDraw, THQ's tablet peripheral for the Wii, goes on sale in the UK on 4th March, the publisher has announced.

According to MCV, the add-on will be bundled with the uDraw Studio art package. Two other compatible titles – board game adaptation Pictionary and platformer Dood's Big Adventure – launch on the same day, with more support promised later in the year.

An official RRP hasn't been pinned down but Amazon.co.uk are asking for a rather princely £50.99.

The add-on, which Eurogamer's Christian Donlan checked out last August, launched in the US in November. It's proved a surprising success story for the publisher, shifting 1.2 million units so far.

Take a look at the launch trailer below for a little more colour.

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