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Kid Icarus: Uprising 3DS stand coming to UK

Free with every copy of the game, coming 23rd March.

Nintendo will bundle Kid Icarus: Uprising with a 3DS stand when it launches in the UK on 23rd March.

It allows gamers to rest their 3DS on a flat surface, freeing up both hands for playing.

The peripheral was first revealed earlier this month by Kid Icarus: Uprising designer Masahiro Sakurai via his Twitter account.

The game's touch-sensitive airborne shooting can "work better" when the screen is "secure", Sakurai wrote. He suggested gamers try it with other 3DS games too.

Nintendo has also revealed new gameplay information about Kid Icarus: Uprising. The angelic shooter will see Medusa, evil Queen of the Underworld, return. Each level's difficulty can be customised by something called the Fiend's Cauldron. It allows players to adjust a chapter's Intensity Rating from 2.0 (standard) in 0.1 increments from 0.0 up to 9.0.

At some point in the game, hero Pit will also be able to drive a tank.

Kid Icarus: Uprising also supports the 3DS Circle Pad Pro device, which launches alongside Resident Evil: Revelations this Friday.