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VideoKid Icarus: Uprising anime footage

New episodes flying onto 3DS.

VideoKid Icarus: Uprising - first 15 minutes

Eurogamer plays Nintendo's new aerial shooter.

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Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro confirmed

The 3DS XL, Nintendo's upcoming super-sized version of the 3DS, will gets its own Circle Pad Pro attachment.

While the 3DS XL features larger screens and an overall larger form factor, Nintendo did not include a second circle pad on the device. And its caboose is so big that it won't be able to squeeze into the current Circle Pad Pro attachment.

Never fear. An XL-sized version of the Circle Pad Pro will be released later in the year, Famitsu reports (via Andriasang).

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Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel unlikely, says director

Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel unlikely, says director

Reborn series gets its wings clipped.

The creator of 3DS shooter Kid Icarus: Uprising has said he's unlikely to develop a sequel.

Masahiro Sakurai was responsible for reigniting Nintendo's long-dormant Kid Icarus series. But he has now explained that Uprising's universe was not designed to spawn sequels.

"If by 'lasting universe' you mean to ask if there's a sequel, the answer is no," Sakurai flatly told IGN. "We pushed a lot into the game in order to let people have this short yet deep experience, but the novelty of that would likely grow thin in the next game.

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Nintendo defends Kid Icarus: Uprising controls

If it hurts, you're doing it wrong, suggests Sakurai.

Offering full support for twin analogue stick controls in Kid Icarus: Uprising would have been "technically impossible", according to the game's creator Masahiro Sakurai.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

Close to the sun.

Teasing a character out of 21 years of retirement offers a rare opportunity for the video game designer. Two decades is an epoch-and-a-half in game development terms - and so Masahiro Sakurai has been able to approach this, the third game in the Kid Icarus series, with none of the baggage of expectations that most of Nintendo's icons labour under.

Sakurai has always been a risk-taker within Nintendo. He developed the prototype for Super Smash Bros. in secret, knowing his employers would likely baulk at the idea of their beloved mascots tearing one another limb from limb. So too with Kid Icarus: Uprising we see a designer straining to broaden the definition of a Nintendo game.

This is a lithe, sharp, focused game that rewards skill, punishes stupidity and prizes high scores in a way that none of the publisher's output has dared to for the past five years. Kid Icarus is a contender's game - and, just maybe, a sign that the publisher has flown a little too close to the mainstream sun in recent times, and is ready to tumble back into more complex waters.

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Nintendo confirms you won't be able to buy Kid Icarus: Uprising from GAME/Gamestation

Nintendo has confirmed that 3DS game Kid Icarus: Uprising won't be available to buy in GAME and Gamestation.

Its list of shops selling the 3DS title does not include the struggling high street retailer - thought to be facing administration.

Uprising will be available to buy on the high street from the following shops: Argos, Asda, Blockbuster, Tesco, Dixons Stores Group, GameStop, HMV, Sainsbury's, Smyths Toys and Toys R Us.

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Fire Emblem 3DS confirmed for UK 2012 launch

Fire Emblem 3DS confirmed for UK 2012 launch

Mario Tennis Open coming 25th May.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will launch in the UK this year on 3DS, Nintendo has confirmed.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed the good news in a presentation full of 3DS soundbites, including a new name and release date for Mario Tennis Open. It arrives for 3DS in Europe on 25th May.

Fire Emblem DLC available post-launch will expand the game via fresh maps and story episodes. It comes free, in Japan at least, for a limited time.

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Kid Icarus 3DS multiplayer announced

Kid Icarus 3DS multiplayer announced

2011 release confirmed.

Kid Icarus: Uprising has three-on-three multiplayer, Nintendo has revealed.

A brief trailer shown during the platform holder's E3 presentation, showed players going at it in what looked like arena combat modes.

Augmented reality cards will also be utilised, though Nintendo didn't explain in what capacity.

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Kid Icarus: Uprising

Winging it.

Is he really still a kid these days? Wouldn't Dad Icarus be a more appropriate name? Or something more relevant to what he might have been up to for the past few decades, such as Middle-Aged Divorcee Icarus?

Keep the 3DS still while playing

Recommends Kid Icarus Uprising director.

The developer behind Kid Icarus Uprising has a recommendation for gamers who can't wait to get their grubby mitts on Nintendo's 3DS handheld: keep it still while playing.