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Keep the 3DS still while playing

Recommends Kid Icarus Uprising director.

The developer behind Kid Icarus Uprising has a recommendation for gamers who can't wait to get their grubby mitts on Nintendo's 3DS handheld: keep it still while playing.

Why? The console's glasses-free 3D visuals are achieved through the player's eyes being in a set position, so if the shake that results from determined control inputs is too harsh, there could be issues, reports Andriasang.

Kid Icarus director Masahiro Sakurai has also tweeted to suggest players use the 3DS' 3D slider to adjust the potency of the 3D visuals because 3D can make your eyes tired. That's a lot of 3D in one sentence.

Nintendo recommends children under six years old avoid using the 3DS' 3D visuals because the vision of young children is still in developmental stages. The 3D visuals can, of course, be turned off.

Uprising was announced at E3 2010 in June last year. The 3DS is due out in Europe and North America in March. Nintendo is expected to announce an exact release date and launch price at a Nintendo event later this month.