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Online movement for Dark Souls PC port gathers pace

Petition: "PC gamers love unforgiving, hardcore games."

An online movement calling for a belated PC release for From Software PS3/Xbox 360 action RPG Dark Souls is gathering pace.

After a thread on publisher Namco's forums and a Rock Paper Shotgun follow-up piece stoked the coals, covetous PC gamers have since started an official petition which has picked up more than 7000 signatures in just seven hours.

The petition's mission statement reads:

"A port of this game has a high chance of being extremely successful for From Software and Namco Bandai. Given the sales of games such as The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and The Witcher, there is a large market for games like this. PC gamers love unforgiving, hardcore games."

It also mentions that the added technical horsepower offered by desktops could make the game easier to play.

"A port may also mean that the area's in the game, such as Blighttown, won't suffer from slowdown. An online oriented video game is also perfect for the capabilities of a PC.

"Steam would also be suitable venue provided the game is sold at a reasonable price for a late port. Steamworks could provide a strong and easy to use online infrastructure."

We've approached Namco Bandai for comment and will update should it choose to offer one.

From Software's vicious adventure coasted into Eurogamer's recent Games of 2011 run-down.

"Not all games have to be for everyone, despite capitalism's persuasive whispering in the ear of so many publishers," wrote Simon Parkin in his Dark Souls reappraisal.

"Dark Souls is a game for players willing to advance themselves, not just their avatar; to learn and perfect a skill, to improve. In this way, it silently summons the demons of an entire medium, before shooing them away with its single-minded philosophy."