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The Binding of Isaac "mega expansion" incoming

The Wrath of the Lamb fleshes out PC curio.

Oddball PC dungeon crawler The Binding of Isaac has a new "mega expansion" in the works.

As detailed by The Indie Game Magazine, it'll likely be titled The Wrath of the Lamb and will sell for your local equivalent of $3.

Details of exactly what the expansion will include are thin on the ground, though expect a tonne of new items, including a full set called Trinkets which offer "passive bonuses". There'll also be a new fortune teller machine which will spit out power-ups.

According to a post on creator Edmund McMillen's Twitter feed, the pack will beef up the original game by around 50 per cent.

In other Isaac news, McMillen recently mentioned in a Formspring Q&A that an unnamed publisher is currently looking into the possibility of porting the title to the 3DS.

For more on the game, refer back to John Teti's glowing 9/10 Binding of Isaac review.

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