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New Trials Evolution video shows multiplayer and track editor

"It's a great 'get the mates over and have a few pints' kind of game."

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Inside Xbox has released a new video interview with Jason Bates, director of marketing and public relations at RedLynx. As well as showing off the track-editing features of the long-awaited Trials Evolution, Bates talks about the introduction of four-player racing.

"We're still going to have the same sort of Trials HD leaderboard competition, challenging your friends, or you're competing globally on every track in the game and on tracks created by users in the new editor and with the new track-sharing system we have," he said.

"But multiplayer experience, rather than versus somebody's ghost or beating somebody's time, it's very different. Up to four-player side-by-side running at the same time, it's really competitive, it's really fast - you can do a whole lot of races in one sitting.

"It's a great 'get the mates over and have a few pints' kind of game."

While the game has broken free of its interior warehouse origins, Bates assured veteran players that the core physics of the game have remained unchanged.

"We are using the same basic gameplay physics, the exact same controls that you're used to. Everything that was perfect in Trials HD, we're not touching, we're not messing with that part."

While he wouldn't be drawn on the specifics of a release date, Bates did give a view on the current state of the game's development.

"It's really coming along, MS is behind us 100 per cent. It's going to be probably one of the biggest, most ambitious Xbox Live Arcade games ever, so yeah we're really happy and excited about it."

The video is currently available to watch on the Xbox dashboard or you can view it below.

Trials Evolution introduces simultaneous multiplayer racing to the series.

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