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17th April 2012

Trials Evolution Review

VideoWatch: Five gaming mysteries that keep us up at night

It's this week's Eurogamer Show. Or is it...?

Trials Evolution's insane century-spanning ARG/scavenger hunt solved

The prize will be unveiled in 2113. Really.

Far Cry 3 sales hit 4.5 million as Ubisoft revenues soar

Vita exclusive Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation notches up 600k.

FeatureThe Eurogamer Christmas Challenge

Can you beat our high scores?

Trials Evolution: Riders of Doom DLC for December launch

Apocalypse now, or in the next few weeks.

Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC released tomorrow

36 new tracks so you never get tyred.

FeatureTrials Evolution: Origin of Pain Preview: Yes We Cannon

Hands on with RedLynx's circus of horrors.

Trials Evolution DLC Origin of Pain announced for Xbox 360

Series returning to PC in Trials Evolution: Gold Edition.

Ubisoft's quarterly sales rise 27.2 per cent over last year

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and Trials Evolution lead sales.

VideoTrials Evolution dev RedLynx picks favourite user tracks

Over 100,000 creations ready to download.

VideoTrials Evolution trailer shows off Babel Rising track

RedLynx creates fellow Ubisoft downloadable tie-in.

VideoEurogamer showcases more Trials Evolution user tracks

Mario Bros! Skyrim! Rainbow Road! Terminator 2!

Trials Evolution title update, multiplayer leaderboards reset

To keep online records "fair and valid".

Trials Evolution sales reach 500,000 in three weeks

Ubisoft notes "great multiplatform potential".

Urban Trials set to rival Trials Evolution on PlayStation Vita

Polish developer planning to peddle Trials challenger.

Trials Evolution track ranking bug squashed

Track Central fix deployed.

VideoTrials Evolution: The Best User Tracks video

Eurogamer showcases some of your finest creations.

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Trials Evolution

The making of RedLynx's latest Xbox 360 classic.

Digital FoundryTrials Evolution - Gigatrack Virtual Texturing Video

The Gigatrack is the longest circuit in the game and the best demonstration of the virtual texturing/megatexture technology utilised.

Digital FoundryTrials Evolution - Lighting and Effects Video

Frame-rate tests on Trials Evolution as it renders some of its most well-lit stages.

Digital FoundryTrials Evolution - Size and Scale Showcase Video

Performance Analysis video of Trials Evolution in its largest levels with the longest draw distance.

Digital FoundryTrials Evolution - Alpha Transparency Effects Video

Performance analysis of Trials Evolution as it generously throws about masses of GPU-intensive transparency effects.

Trials Evolution players overload servers

UPDATE: MS preparing for possible surge over weekend. Podcast 109: Fez! Trials! Witcher!

Oli and the Toms talk XBLA's greatest and the world's worst tutorial before playing some music!

Trials Evolution Review

Alone, but with friends.

VideoTrials Evolution map editor trailer

RedLynx shows off its powerful new tool kit.

VideoNew Trials Evolution footage in Arcade Next trailer

Plus more Fable Heroes, Minecraft, Bloodforge.

VideoEG Rides Trials Evolution

EG's Trials expert takes to the track.

VideoTrials Evolution gameplay trailer

My Darwin motorbikes return.

VideoMicrosoft debuts Arcade Next trailer

Trials! Fable! Minecraft!

Minecraft XBLA, Trials Evolution, Fable Heroes release dates

1600 Points for Notch's console debut.

VideoExplosive Trials Evolution customisation footage

Create new courses, puzzles, FPS levels.

Spring 2012 for Trials Evolution

New trailer shows off FPS created in track editor.

Fresh Trials: Evolution screenshots

But still no release date.

Trials Evolution leaked

UPDATE: RedLynx responds.

New Trials Evolution video shows multiplayer and track editor

"It's a great 'get the mates over and have a few pints' kind of game."

Trials HD developer explains Ubisoft buy-out

Deal lets it concentrate on making great games.

Ubisoft acquires Trials HD developer

RedLynx to focus on "stand-out, excellent brands".

Trials Evolution doubtful for 2011

MS says 2012, RedLynx doesn't deny.

FeatureTrials Evolution

To infinity and beyond.

VideoTrials Evolution single-player footage

RedLynx unleashes new Trials trailer.

Trials Evolution won't use Kinect

RedLynx narrows date, details sequel.

VideoFirst Trials Evolution teaser footage

RedLynx shows new Xbox 360 title.

RedLynx unveils Trials Evolution for XBLA

Multi-bikes side-by-side on one course!