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Trials Evolution: Origin of Pain DLC released tomorrow

36 new tracks so you never get tyred.

Trials Evolution's Origin of Pain DLC will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live Marketplace, Ubisoft has announced.

The download will cost 400 Microsoft Points (£3.40).

Origin of Pain will include 36 new tracks, more skill games, another wardrobe full of rider gear, plus a hundred extra track creator objects.

There's also a new BMX bike mode. The mind boggles.

"The tracks start hard and get worse, by the looks of it, which is very promising for a game that fairly revels in things getting worse," Eurogamer's Christian Donlan wrote after play-testing the add-on.

"Origin of Pain promises head-injury fans even more of their favourite game, then - and it may prove to be that game at its very best."

A new trailer (which declares the add-on is available now - it's not) lies below.

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