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Battlefield 3: IRNV and flashlight nerfs due in a later patch

They are coming.

Battlefield 3's infrared/night vision scope and flashlight will be nerfed in a future patch, DICE has confirmed.

Some fans complained after discovering that neither had been altered by the PC patch released on 22nd November.

But DICE community manager Daniel Matros reassured fans that the controversial IRNV and flashlight will be altered - eventually.

"IRNV and flashlight fixes are in a later patch," he said on Twitter. "Didn´t make it into this one. We found these changes to be more necessary than waiting."

Earlier this month Battlefield 3 senior gameplay designer Alan Kertz said DICE will tweak the tactical light attachment - used to blind enemy players.

The brightness of the light will remain untouched, but its range will be reduced. Up close, the light will continue to be as effective as it is, but at a distance it will be less effective.

The Battlefield 3 PC patch notes were released last week.

Console versions of the patch are also due, but are taking longer due to the platforms' certification processes.